Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  This week’s contestant is comedian, Chris Rock.  Let’s check out his tweets.


June 12th:  “About to do our 100th show then it’s off to the Motherfuckin Tony awards.”

What the Hell is Chris Rock doing at the Tonys?

June 13th:  “And the best musical goes to…. http://say.ly/lzTpvj

Funny and so awesome the South Park guys won.

June 29th:  “Weird show last night. I blew more lines than Rick James. Super director Richard Linklater was in the house. I’m g… http://say.ly/Bgcsmc

Aw, damn the link is broken.  This tweet has everything.  Behind the scenes, a photo.  If only it wasn’t 6 months old.

July 3rd:  “With Rick Rubin listening to the new Chili Peppers album. I’m in heaven.”

Rubin is the man.

July 6th: “The great James Earl Jones in the house. http://say.ly/OwQtoK”

Damn Chris, you know everyone.

July 17: “ITS OVER. The Motherf**ker with the hat has ended its broadway run. I wanna thank everybody that came by and saw the play. Now in the words of jay z its on to the next one.”

Ah, well. You can always turn it into a movie.

August 5th: “Just left the Presidents birthday party at the White House. Herbie Hancock played, Stevie Wonder sang and yes they did the electric slide. A great night.”

Wow, no wonder you don’t have time to tweet.

August 10th: “Tickets still available. http://say.ly/AsmzYw”

You’re playing the Colloseum? Wait! Don’t do the lion show!

August 19th: “In my trailer watching Woody Allen movies. http://say.ly/ejJCck”

Not too shabby.

August 29th: “Got a long flight back. thank god I have three episodes of Louie and the new peppers album. @louisck”

Nice. That one with Doug Stanhope was the best.

September 11th: “http://911relief.robinhood.org/chris-rock#letters”

Wow. Very generous.

September 12th: “I’m in. http://say.ly/QpVHy6”

Yeah, it’s like the only reason to watch the Golden Globes is to see Ricky tear everyone apart.

October 6th: “Jackson Pollock and I at Moma today. http://say.ly/BkrOK0”

Celebrities, Rome, museum— Everything’s coming up Chris!

October 12th: “A man just told me he loved me in Trading Places and Rush Hour.”

What an idiot. Everyone knows Trading Places was way better.

October 18th: “Got on stage last night for the first time in a long time. Felt good.”

He’s back! It’s like following Chris’s whole year.

October 21st: “SA DA TAY http://say.ly/mJRSXJ”

I still can’t believe Louis CK directed that.

October 28th: “Could happen… http://say.ly/woeUTO”

I see buddy cop movie!

November 2nd: “Go check out the funny @wkamaubell this Friday in LA. http://say.ly/gNEWmJ”

Wow, some really good writers. Hope it comes East.

November 2nd: “No football durring the week, World Series is over I really miss the NBA. I don’t care who wins cause right now I’m losing.”

Occupy the Court!

November 8th: “About 20 summers ago Heavy took me out on the road as his opening act. Best time of my life. Really gonna miss him. http://say.ly/xCzY2A”

Yeah, that was sad to hear. I remember him. I did not know he was in Tower Heist.

Okay, let’s rate Chris’s tweets. Obviously, he’s very busy, but consistent. I give him a 6 for Mustness. He’s really living the life, but not in a crazy way, so I give him a 6 for Insanity. But 10 for Style all the way. What a genuine tweeter. That’s like a 7.3, but I’m rounding it up to 9 because this is a Twitter account totally worth following.

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