Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is the new boss of the Office, Ed Helms.  Let’s check out the Nard Dog’s tweets.  It’s unverified, but looks legit.


October 18th:  “Did dinosaurs have bad breath? #obscurequestionstowhichtheanswerisobviouslyyes

The meat eaters, definitely.  But the plant eaters?  I think they smelled like pine.

October 19th:  “Can I get real for a second? Okay thanks, now back to my existential quandary…”

You mean this?

October 21st: “@rickygervais I don’t agree. Your singing voice sounds like a billy goat choking on pubic hair while I have the voice of an angel climaxing.”

I don’t normally post the replies, but that one had to be included.

October 24th: “Banjo player Noam Pikelny murdered me. And it was captured on film!!! http://ow.ly/776mv Not cool bro, NOT cool.”

That’s the funniest banjo-related sketch I’ve seen in a while.

October 26th: “New twitter handle arrives today! Now officially @edhelms Super pumped! Oh wait, that’s just my regular name. Mildly pumped?”

Dammit. Who took @narddog?

October 27th: “Pretty sure I woke up this morning with ability to levitate 2 nanometers.”

You’re sure you’re not just standing on your toes and moving two nanometers like Chris Angel?

October 28th: “Live tweeting this tweet. Aaaaand done. Nailed it.”

As you did with this. This movie kicked so much comedy ass.

October 29th: “Ow! Just bit my lip while eating some granola. Turns out I’m not delicious, but I have good texture.”

I once cut myself on Lucky Charms. Why can’t it all be marshmallows?

October 31st: “Warning: disturbing photo of haunted coleslaw! http://ow.ly/i/kiwI”

What’s more disturbing is passing it out for Halloween. You should’ve seen how pissed those kids were.

October 31st: “Trying really hard not to resent my coworkers today for overlooking my phenomenally accurate Andy Bernard costume.”

Ah, behind the scenes! Dish!

November 1st: “It’s tough being a zombie. This poignant documentary brings much needed attention to their plight: http://ow.ly/7eZMn Happy Halloween”

A classic!

November 3rd: “Do you think Herman Cain refers to his genitals as “her man-cane”?”

Probably more likely that anyone calling him “Mr. President” next year.

November 5th: “Sometimes sexy models are jarringly mismatched with unsexy products. Other times it’s a perfect fit… http://ow.ly/i/kEZD”

You need to shop at a much sexier poncho store.

Okay, let’s rate Ed’s Tweets. Ed’s not on very often, but let’s face it, he’s a busy, busy man. I give his Mustness a 5, for Style a 9 and for Insanity a 7. That’s an overall score of 7. I think he’s worth following. Would love to see some more behind-the-scenes at the office though.

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