Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is the always hilarious H. Jon Benjamin.  Host of Jon Benjamin has a Van, but better known as the voices of Ben Katz, Coach McGurk, Bob of Bob’s Burgers and, of course, Archer.  Let’s check out his tweets.


September 17th:  “here’s a link to the 1970’s sam seder movie, ‘whose the caboose’, now on hulu…http://t.co/eANuc5Fj”

Oh, yeah.  The Luna Lounge.  I remember that place.  Had some cool comedy acts there.

September 19th:  “here’s how i would describe my friend @leopoldallen when he’s drunk– frankendrunk…#frankendrunk

Arrrrgh!  Vomit bad!  Beer good!

September 22nd:  “started reading the 19th century russian relationship guide, ‘eugene onegin, offegin'”

Bah-dum-dum!  Keesh!

September 23rd:  “i’m discovering some gray pubes. i think my balls are stressed”

This may be heading for a very disturbing twit pic share.

September 25th:  “name for anti-semitic wine store- ‘wine kampf'”

Better than that anti-semetic computer game, Minecraft Kampf.

September 26th:  “i hate most people until i meet them and then i realize i just generally dislike them #misanthropy

Maybe if you didn’t share so much about your balls.

September 27th:  “Unbelievably excited to get roland emmerich’s take on the shakespeare conspiracy theory! #anonymousthemovie #whatwe‘veallbeenwaitingfor”

Yes, he always believed that Shakespeare never used enough CGI.

September 27th:  “spot the dildo (level 4) it’s not getting any easier! http://twitpic.com/6rlkzl

The tweet to penis-reference ratio is higher than expected on HJB’s Twitter.

September 29th:  “my son’s pet goldfish died and he was happy about it. do you think he’ll be a fisherman or a necrophiliac when he grows up?”

Did he eat him with a nice Kianti and fava beans?

October 3rd:  “heading to london to try and give back america”

See if they’ll just take the South.

October 4th:  “there is supposedly a british diplomat named jon benjamin. any interest in walking around london together and see if anyone realizes?”

Does he look like this?  Might be tough.

October 8th:  “day 3 in london, uk– off to see johnny english, reborn”

Well, I guess someone has to.

October 8th:  “the Medieval Times in England was actually built in the medieval times”

Back then, the paper crowns were made of wood and you had to wait two weeks to get a table.

October 12th:  “cultivate goodwill everyday and it will be returned to you tenfold except for like less than half the time or more #notquitedalailamaquotes

This is why I’m only nice to half the people I meet.

October 15th:  “can’t bring myself to occupy wall street, but am trying to organize ‘annoy wall street’ #AWS

Maybe you should just show Johnny English in Zuccotti Park.

October 17th:  “went to a mediocre pho place for lunch today– pho so-so”

Ah, authentic English food.

5 hours ago:  “‘a man walked into a spa’– idea for gay joke book title”

Or how the story of how Daniel Tosh probably got his job.

Okay, let’s rate the Twitter. HJB’s tweets.  For Mustness I give him an 8.  For Style, a 7 and Insanity a 9.  That’s an overall score of 8.  Definitely add Archer to your list.

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