Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Park and Recs cast member Aubrey Plaza, AKA: April.


Let’s see if Aubrey’ tweets are as deadpan and hilarious as her character on the show.

June 12th:  “@georgelopez kidnapped me and is taking me to compton. do not save me. i need this.”

Just don’t let him make you watch his show.

June 13th:  “!!!”

My comicspeak to English dictionary says, this mean, “Oh, no!”

June 19th:  “JERSEY SHORESICAL FOREVER! http://kck.st/mpMEhP

Damn, I was too late to stop this.

July 29th:  “http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/f5232a61ff/ghost-walkers”

Sadly, this link does not work.  I’m sure it was funny.  If not, there’s always Troopers.

August 10th:  “I love you @georgelopez TEAM LOCO FOREVER”

He was good in Balls of Fury.

August 23rd:  “so awesome http://video.nytimes.com/video/2011/08/22/arts/music/100000001008114/calamity-song-by-the-decemberists.html

Nice.  Reminds me of XTC.

September 2nd:  “FOLLOW @TheBabiaMajora NOW! She is the next best thing in tweetville. GET Ready! Seriously do it now.”

No idea.

September 2nd:  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY @neyney900 !! AMTRAK is throwing me at you soon! So soon! Catch me.”

And now, a Parks and Rec clip.

October 7th: “Raising money for cancer and stealing @azizansari s margaritas at livestrong event! TWEETTT! #GalaxySII”


Okay, let’s rate Aubrey’s tweet. Would’ve liked to seen some more behind the scenes stuff, but what can you do. It’s nice she’s doing charity. I give her a 5 for Mustness, a 7 for Insanity and an 8 for Style. That’s an overall score of about 6.6, but I’m going to round it up to 7 because I like her show.

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