Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die. Today we take a look at Fred Willard’s tweets. Can’t believe I hadn’t stumbled upon his Twitter account sooner. He is not unlike a comedy god that breathes funniness upon the land. Let’s see how his tweets stack up.

August 14th:  “If you tell a # joke in the forest and no one is there to hear it, is it still funny?”

Only if you’re getting at least two bars to tweet it.

August 15th:  “My followers live in the U.S. (59.8%), the U.K. (7.6%) & Canada (5.4%) [top 3]. Find yours at http://twocation.com/

73.6% in the US for me.  I gotta broaden my international appeal.  Denmark, get your shit together.

August 16th: “Had lunch with Martin Mull. Many laughs. We’re going to do some # Fernwood 2Night live shows.”

Awesome. Sign me up. Fernwood 2night rocks if you haven’t seen it.

August 21st:  “Ty Burrell on # Modern Family…hilarious. “No,No, No I want the most dangerous reptile you got.””

Hmm, didn’t watch that show.  But if comedy god likes it, I might have to start.

August 21st:  “On A Clear Day You Can Pee Forever #typofilms

Also a really disturbing porno.

August 21st:  “Escape To Bitch Mountain #typofilms

Wouldn’t you want to get away from that mountain?

August 21st:  “Johnny Got His Nun #typofilms

Also a really disturbing porno.

August 21st:  “Breast in Show #typofilms

Damn, there must be like two dozen of these.  He is working the twitter.

August 21st:  “My Boyfriend’s Black #typofilms

I think you’ve been hanging around Daniel Tosh too long.

August 21st:  “I’m all out! Good night!”

Try the veal!  Tip your waitress!

August 21st:  “one more!! Shaving Private Ryan #typofilms

That one is definitely a porno.

August 22nd:  “Tonight took part in Celebrity Autobio. Loraine.Newman,Jen Tilly,Roger Bart,IlianaDouglas,Tate Donavan,Will Forte. Great fun.”

Genius!  Couldn’t find one with you, but here’s one with Kristen Wiig.  What they should do is start reading it and have the audience guess which celebrity it is.

5 hours ago:  “So, now what can they say about Los Angeles? “How can you live there? All those earthquakes?””

Now all the rest of the country has to do is set itself on fire, put it out with a flood and spread gang violence coast to coast then every place would be like L.A.

Okay, let’s rate Fred’s tweets.  Man, he’s relentless.  Replying, retweeting and tweeting.  Mustness is definitely a 10, Style is a 9 and Insanity also a 9.  Fred is definitely in the top ten, maybe the top five with an overall score of 9.3.  Nice.

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