Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die! Today’s contestant is Rob Riggle, star of the Daily Show, the Hangover and on and on. He’s a hilarious ex-marine. Let’s see if his tweets match up.

July 7th:  “Gettin’ ready to do some long-form improv at the UCB LA! Facebook Show! Green room shot! http://say.ly/alhtxG

Aw, cool.  Paul Scheer.  That must’ve been cool.  Rob, you should totally do an appearance on The League.

July 8th:  “Just a half-yard! http://say.ly/ShetWz

Holy shit.  Nice!

July 11th:  “Jake Johnson is on twitter now! He’s a great guy, very funny, super-talented actor… friend. @markjakejohnson

Anyone that appeared in Drunk History, is okay by me.

July 13th:  “I am hunkering down for “Carmageddon” here in LA this weekend. 405 closed…101 to the 10… OUCH! Movies and poker this weekend!”

You are livin’ a bro’s life, Rob.

July 16th:  “Just won my first poker tournament! http://say.ly/fsyvcz

Damn, everything’s coming up Rob.

July 16th:  “Gotta thank @Sammlevine 4 his poker tutelage!”

Of course.  A geek from Freaks and Geeks has to know something about math.

July 21st:  “The new NTSF: SD: SUV Trailer! Check it out on Adult Swim! http://www.adultswim.com/presents/ntsfsdsuv/index.html

Good advice in that PSA.

July 23rd:  “R.I.P. Amy Winehouse. Also, thoughts and prayers going out to people of Norway…”

A rough week for Europe all around.

July 26th:  “Went to Train and Maroon 5 last night at Hollywood Bowl! Truly, truly amazing show! Well done & Congrats to @adamlevine!”

God dammit.  I want Rob’s life.

July 26th:  “Gonna be at @LargoLosAngeles tonight with @nickkroll, @rustyrockets (Russell Brand), @jondaly, @natashaleggero. Show starts at 9 p.m.”

Dude, you are living the Hollywood life.  Hope it never ends.  Or if it does, I hope you own Sony by the time its over.

July 28th:  “Okay @PeteCarroll, I’m ready for another shot with the team! This is the year! http://say.ly/GRxxmT

And at 7 and 9, you CAN help.

July 28th:  “Gotz 2 do what I gotz 2 do…RT @PeteCarroll: schmoozing w/ the GM isn’t going to get it done this year… it’s all about talent!”

Well, NFC West talent anyways.

20 hours ago:  “Hey… we’ll see what happens…. I’m very excited though…. http://dlvr.it/dSh56

Finally!  Dude, congrats.  This is good for two reasons: 1) Rob will have a show which will probably be awesome and 2) websites are finally getting TV deals.  It’s a win-win post for me.

Okay, let’s rate Rob‘s tweets.  I like the kind of slice-of-life stuff.  I think some comics try to write jokes.  He just seems like he’s having fun.  A good mix of that and plugs.  I give Rob a 7 for Insanity, 8 for Mustness and a 9 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 8.  Good luck with the new show, Rob!

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