Hey Bros!

Help us out by clicking our new sponsors for June! On the top, we have All Things Fun! It’s a great game, toy and comic book store in Berlin, NJ. I’ve bought tons of games there and they do mail order. They got a podcast, a message forum and it’s a great resource for all things game! Tell Ed and his lovely wife, Super Frat sent you!

Also, on the left, don’t forget to check out Stormwatch Comics, also in Berlin, for all your comic book needs! Bob is the owner and I’ve been buying my comics there for years, so check it out. The ad is linked to his facebook page. We’re trying to get more people to like Stormwatch Comics. We started around 132, so I’d like to double that number for Bob. Won’t cost you nuthin’!

Thanks bros!

-Tony D
2nd Assistant Pledgemaster