Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die. Today’s contestant is a true comedic genius, Albert Brooks. Probably best known as Hank Scorpio on The Simpsons and brother to Super Dave.

May 14th: “That’s why preview has nudity RT @motech: finally downloaded a preview on iBooks. And….. then I bought it. Was too good to delete :”

Can’t wait for the video game.

May 15th: “I thought Murdoch hated me. RT @new_york_post: News: Required Reading: 2030 by Albert Brooks (St. Martin’s) http://nyp.st/jWE3p3”

Hate you? After all you did for The Simpsons movie?

May 15th: “Just bought a car from a guy who thought the world was going to end this Saturday. Best deal I’ve ever gotten.”

No, way! This Aztec guy just sold me his house!

May 16th: “Amazon sold out of book, on re-order. Not since Oral B electric toothpick has product moved this fast.”

Cool. A Brooks book.

May 16th: “Breaking News: Trump announces he won’t run. Also announces he won’t fly or walk on moon. Still debating sex change.”

Damn. He had a shot at flying.

7 hours ago: “Book signing tonight 7 p.m. at the Grove. People coming from Chicago should leave now.”

Dammit. I would’ve had to have gotten this tweet three days ago.

2 hours ago: “Was there ever a moment where Maria Shriver said, “This is the greatest guy I’ve ever met”?”

Maybe right after Terminator 2.

Okay, let’s rate Albert’s tweets. I had to cut out a lot of his response tweets, which were also pretty funny. Garry Shandling and Paul Feig were amongst his respondents. I give him a 6 for Insanity, an 8 for Style and a 10 for Mustness. That’s an overall score of 8. Brooks is a genius and you should always follow a genius. That’s why Stephen Hawking has that restraining order against me.

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