Hey Bros:

It’s time for the news, the way it should be written.  I like to write the headines so it gets to the damned point!  Why don’t the newspapers hire a tactless guy like me?

Real: Photos Show Three Dead Men at Bin Laden Raid House

Rewritten: Bin Laden’s Bodyguards Not as Good as Advertised

Real: Jacob Lusk Voted Off ‘American Idol’, J.Lo and Lady Antebellum Perform

Rewritten: Television Show Continues to Destroy Culture in US

Real: Jesse James Ex-Wife to Release Book “Exposing” Him

Rewritten: Perez Hilton Still Has Website

Real: Without Space Shuttle, astronaut corps gets smaller

Rewritten: Temp Service Obtains Guys With Better Work Stories Than You

Real: Lastpass alerts users about potential masterword password breach

Rewritten: That Little Basket That Catches Coins, Looking Better and Better

Real: Contraceptive Pill Protects From Cerebral Aneurysm

Rewritten: Banging For Fun Now Safer