Name: Mimi Coriander, Sobrietana, Egyptian Goddess of Sobriety

Rank: Professor of Ancient Studies, Ryesmore University

Superpowers: Flying, Explosions, Goddess Powers, Time Travel, Indignant Outrage

Professor Coriander is in charge of the Ryesmore Museum, which contains artifacts from various civilization.  The school has run out of money for upkeep, so Mimi is little more than a rubber stamp for Dean Calfinch’s budget cuts.  She could care less about the exhibits, as she is in love with the Dean.

When Brother MPH attempted to help restore the Ancient Egyptian wing of the museum, the bros knocked over a case when Mimi was present.  She uncovered a magical Chastity belt that turned her into the the Egyptian Goddess of Sobriety.  Mimi seems only dimly aware that she transforms, as she also did this during the Super Frat/Dick Masterson Crossover.

First Appearance: The Jackass Cometh