Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is one of my new favorites.  Danny Pudi, otherwise known as Abed from Community.  If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out.  Let’s see if his tweets are as weird as his character.  Although not a verified account, Donald Glover, who does have one, did verify him on the tweets.

February 3rd:  “Dungeons & Dragons at Greendale. Finally. Tonight we role-play. #Community. 8/7c.”

Excellent episode and a must for all you ex-gamers and gamers out there.  If you know what a +2 mace is, don’t miss it.

February 3rd:  “Excelsior! RT @vulture: Community’s Danny Pudi on Tonight’s Dungeons & Dragons–Themed Episode Plus: A Clip! http://nym.ag/fH1Inp #community

The great thing in this episode, they introduced a new character and made him important all in one episode.  Awesome.

February 4th:  “Big thanks to all the Community fans out there for watching and commenting on tonight’s D&D fantasy episode! http://plixi.com/p/74650968

Best.  Make up.  Ever.

February 6th:  “It’s gonna be hard watching the Super Bowl knowing a Sex and City slot machine is nearby. Vegas adventure! http://plixi.com/p/75360977

Is it true that if you win the jackpot on that machine, they replace the picture of the cast with pictures of hot women under the age of 65?

February 8th:  “RT @StevenSprung: Preview clip of the “Community” episode I directed (full episode airs Thursday at 8pm on NBC)! http://bit.ly/hBejdN

Also, another good show.  Had women kissing.  You can’t go wrong.

February 10th:  “Facts: ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ is one of my favorite songs. It’s also a theme on tonight’s Valentine’s Day #Community. 8/7c!”

Dan Harmon is just the man for creating this show.  I knew he’d be great with a budget.  I’d like him to reimagine all of television.  Tell him to get on that.

February 12th:  “Nailed it. RT @GillianJacobs: Billy, our craft service guy, does a SPOT ON Abed impression: @dannypudi http://twitvid.com/ZNV6Q

I’d like to see Abed’s impersonation of Radar from MASH.  I bet it would be good.

February 12th:  “I think 72% is my threshold for chocolate bars. Maybe my taste buds need to evolve more, but for now that’s all I can handle without milk.”

Yeah, I had Peruvian chocolate once and it was pretty harsh.  Good, but really chalky and kinda hard.

February 13th:  “Compromise. 63% to be tested! RT @alisonbrie: @dannypudi 54% tastes the best and you KNOW it!!”

A cast that tweets together, stays together.  At least until one of you gets a movie deal.

February 14th:  “And I love @MrDonaldGlover. This bromance is real. RT @MrDonaldGlover: Yo. @dannypudi is the dude. I love him.”

I smell spinoff!  Oo!  I’m thinking a cop buddy movie.  But here’s the twist, neither of you are cops!

3 hours ago:  “RT @MegMasters: #Community‘s @DannyPudi & @MrDonaldGlover Swear: Pierce’s Brush With Death Makes for One ‘Fun Episode’ http://t.co/5rTBeXc

Aw, man!  Missed it!  Link please!

Okay, let’s rate Danny’s tweets.  He plugs the show a lot, but that’s to be expected.  Nice to see the cast go back and forth, so I give him a 7 for Style.  Not as insane as I imagined, but still a 7 for Insanity.  And for Mustness, he’s pretty uptodate, so an 8.  That’s an over all score of 7.3.  Very solid.  Worth following.  And absolutely don’t miss Community.  It rocks.

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