Hey bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus!  Where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is one of the funniest human’s on the planet, Gilbert Gottfried!  Can Gilbert be funny without his annoying voice and squinty eyes?  Let’s find out!

22 hours ago:  “@Fartknocker666 Frighteningly, there will be an #audiobook! I’ll be recording it this week.”

Apparently Gilbert is constantly answering his fans, at least today.  Hopefully we can glean some info that way.

22 hours ago:  “@itoldyouonce If you can find room between all the porn mags with the pages stuck together.”


22 hours ago:  “@Kokomoschmoe Please make the review on #Amazon a total fiction. Say something like, “It doesn’t totally suck.””

Ah, Gilbert’s book.  Looks pretty cool and its available for the Kindle.

22 hours ago:  “@CommunalPoolYum That and toilet paper.”

Hey!  That almost worked as a response.

22 hours ago:  “@Not_Benjy_Bronk I did touch that boy, but that’s between me and you, okay?”

Why do I expect to see Gilbert sit down with Chris Hansen one day?

22 hours ago:  “@EMN That’s a good idea and if the book is thin enough, you can use it to get your shoes on and off.”

Yeah, but if its too thin, it won’t work as a coaster.

22 hours ago:  “@kramerica72 Fuck you. If you’re that stupid to buy my book, you’re not worth a shout out.”

And available in paper form as well.

22 hours ago:  “@Fartknocker666 Thanks a lot. I only hope the rest of the public are as big a sucker as you are.”


22 hours ago:  “@BobEsper Not only did #HowardStern not write the Forward, I couldn’t even get a return call from #HighPitchedEric

Wow, that’s bad.

22 hours ago:  “@EMN Better yet, why don’t you send it to #ArtieLange and he’ll stab a copy for you.”

Someone email me a spittake emoticon.  I finally need it.

22 hours ago:  “@itoldyouonce maybe it’s just gas”

Almost worked as a response again.

22 hours ago:  “@Fartknocker666 You can never have enough Shoedinis. Your pal Seymour the smoke detector”

Ha!  Shoedini is amazing, if only for the commercial.

8 hours ago:  “@brockj0nes On the last day, I wanted to burn that goose outfit.”

No idea.

8 hours ago:  “@F_C_Franklin Only if your kid enjoys dick and blowjob jokes.”

Yeah, I wouldn’t bring the kids.  Have you seen a Roast with Gilbert?

8 hours ago:  “@bricor22 Christkiller .”

I didn’t know Mel Gibson used Twitter.

1 hour ago:  “@JustWrong I’m also a Jew. Do you really think I’d give something for free???”

I’ll bet you read all his tweets in his voice, huh?  Hard not to really.

44 minutes ago:  “@styxxny @JustWrong I’m not booked for anything there right now. Keep checking my web site”

Gilbert’s website is here.  Cool stuff, plus the Twitter feed and tour updates.

Okay, let’s rate Gilbert’s tweets.  Well, it’s not official, but judging by the other twitter accounts linked to him, I think its for real.  For Style a 9.  I mean, he’s really answering all his fans.  For Mustness 10 and for Insanity, gotta be a 10.  That’s a 9.6.  You gotta follow Gilbert, if only for the opportunity for him to insult you directly.

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