Bros, I am very excited to be posting today’s Twitter in Focus contestant, Dog the Bounty Hunter.  I’ve been a huge fan of the show.  It has everything.  Crimefighting, Hawaii, mullets.  I highly, highly recommend the show.  Let’s see if Dog’s tweets are just as entertaining.

January 12th: “We need a change in weather yes headed to New York !!!! 200 show celebration with our Boss at A&E”

Nice.  I’d like to see you guys fight crime outside the US.  Do they have bounty hunters in Russia?  That would kick ass.

January 12th: “Want to meet in NY will let you know where we will be”

That’ll be a mob scene.  Dude, you’ll have to mace people to get out of the crowd.

January 12th: “Flight canceled to NY due to weather they booked us for tomorrow Raining real hard in Hi also”

Better rain than the bitter snow we got on the East Coast, bro.

January 13th:  “Out with Bethie watching the sunset

Nice.  By the way, let me say she looks really good.  She dropped a good deal of weight since Season 1.

January 14th: “Just landed in NY !”

Don’t start fighting crime.  You’ll never get to your hotel.

January 14th:  “It’s beautiful here

Yeah, I gotta think Hawaii is WAY better, bro.

January 14th:  “5 hours ahead in time ( not adjusted yet ) but New York in truly a wonder of the world GREAT !!”

If anyone offers you free tickets to the Spiderman musical, don’t go.

January 15th:  “Manhunt for nj cop killer it’s killing me I’m right across the bay urggggg omg lemme in that”

I don’t know, man.  Sounds like you’d need more than just those paintball guns.

January 16th:  “Jets Jets Jets”

You live in Hawaii, but you’re a Jets fans.  Hmm.  Does Hawaii have a team?  They could have an awesome pineapple mascot.

January 19th:  “Thank you all for the complements on tonight’s show !!!! We worked real hard on these next few Watch ! Aloha !”

My favorite part is when you give advice to the guy you catch.  Although Leeland kicking in a door is sometimes fun.  Do you think you could have a crossover with Steven Segal: Lawman?  That would be the greatest show ever.

January 21st:  “ to see the Chapmans in Vegas and learn out to become a bondsman or hunter”

I would go to that.  Bounty Hunting looks like a great job.

January 23rd:  “In LA weather great”

Yeah, in between flood, fire, wind and earthquake.

January 23rd:  “NY was great cold tho Jets HAVE to win will be watching from LA”

Well, you probably wouldn’t be an Eagles fans.  Too many criminals.

January 23rd:  “Where you stay Iam in LA”

Not sure what you meant there, but keep doing your show dude.  It rocks.

Okay, let’s rate Dog’s tweets.  For Style, Dog’s a little clunky, but pretty consistent, I give him a 7.  For Mustness, fairly regular, I give him an 8.  And for Insanity, well, Dog’s a little crazy.  I give him a 9.  That’s an overall score of 8.   Solid.  Definitely follow and watch the show.  And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.