My initial reaction to hearing about this remake by the Coen brothers was, “Why are the Coen brothers doing a remake?”  These two great directors can surely come up with new and unique stories.  But hey, it’s the Coen brothers, so you really can’t go wrong.

And is it only me, but was John Wayne never that great of an actor?  I mean, sure, he’s an icon, but he was kind of the same in every movie.  Jeff Bridges on the other hand is on a fucking roll.  True Grit is a fine edition to his resume.  Check out the original trailer and then the new one below.

And as good as Jeff Bridges is, his co-star, Hailee Steinfield.  Holy shit, does she have a career ahead of her.  And that’s not all.  Josh Brolin and Matt Damon make great supporting actors.  Those two could’ve easily thrown their egos and weight around to get more screen time, but they do what good actors are suppose to do, they provide support for their fellow actors.

The basic story of True Grit is this: a 14 year-old girl, played by Steinfeld, has to hire Bridges to avenge her father’s death at the hands of Brolin.  Damon plays a Texas Ranger that’s been chasing Brolin for months for another crime and a fat reward.  Of course, the Wild West isn’t very accommodating to the young girl and they try to discourage her at every turn.

The dialogue is great.  It’s pulled mostly from the book and has a real genuine feel.  The humor comes out of the situations and the simple nature of people.  Nothing seems contrived and the story unfolds in a way that feels like it really happened.

True Grit is not one to miss, bros.  I give it 10 out of 10 keggers.