Hey bros!  Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Minday Kaling, AKA: Kelly from The Office.  She’s funny, she’s hot, so let’s check out her tweets.

December 17th:  “Alan Rickman type classy villain needed for heist then to reinact Jane Austen novel.”

Okay, but only if I can shoot Jane Austen at the end of the story.

December 18th:  “God I hate “Santa Baby””

Really?  That sounded very much like a Kelly song.

December 18th:  “But I love “I caught mama kissing santa claus”, so there’s no rhyme or reason to my taste I suppose”

That is strange. That song is more of one you hear in a musical when someone talk sings something.

December 19th:  “Just saw True Grit screener. I liked it but Rooster Cogburn needed subtitles.”

Man, you celebrities get to see all the movies before everyone else.

December 19th:  “I bet the Grove wishes it wasn’t an outdoor mall after all, cackled the Beverly Center’s solitary, slow elevator.”

Wow, you talk to malls.  That is very Kelly.

December 19th:  “No but seriously it is raining so hard. I never want to hear about drought AGAIN, got it, newscasters?”

Just be happy you’re not in New Jersey in the 25 degree weather.

December 19th:  “Ate pancakes for breakfast, now I’m in and out of consciousness like Trainspotting #PancakesKill

Just don’t go to the most disgusting toilet in Scotland.

December 19th:  “NPR’s exploration of Rumi on this valuable pre-Christmas Saturday is just so off the charts boring and inaccessible right now.”

They have this new stuff on the radio now called music.

December 19th:  “NPR should be all-Sedaris, all day long.”

Agreed.  Anything to get rid of  “Fresh Air”.

December 20th:  “Willoughby didn’t appear and save me from the great rains, so I died of pneumonia. #stonecoldjaneausten

Sorry.  He took the bus and as we all know, to get anywhere in L.A. by bus is at least a 19 hour ride.

December 20th:  “Where can one see Elf in a theater this week?”

Does Linda Hunt count?

December 20th:  “Poor car washes!”

Hey, those guys almost never get a day off.  This is almost perfectly timed for the holidays.

9 hours ago:  “Best banh mi in the hollywood area?”

Ooo, those sound good.

5 hours:  “How can “How Do You Know?” be a flop? The ingredients are off the charts! I really don’t understand anything anymore.”

Look at this way, icing is good, but if you make a cake completely out of icing, it would not be good.

4 hours ago:  “Ugh it’s like braindead seattle outside.”

I’m going to assume that’s a shot at L.A. and not Seattle.

4 hours ago:  “The weather is like your trophy girlfriend getting really fat! Know your place, LA!”

Damn!  >Snap!-Snap!<


I’d rather be warm and wet, than freezing and dry.

4 hours ago:  “Am I back in India? Because what’s with this MONSOON SEASON”

Yeah, and at least there, you can float home on a cow if things get out of hand.

4 hours ago:  “Relax I meant a braindead VERSION of seattle. Frasier Cranes, all of you.”

Ah, I assumed.  Thanks for not slamming the home of coffee and depression.

Okay, let’s rate Mindy’s tweets.  She is very Kelly, so for Style, I give her an 8.  And since she is very Kelly, the Insanity is a 9.  Finally, for Mustness, she’s relentless, so I have to give her a 10.  That’s an overall score of 9, very impression.  I look forward to your tweets when the Office goes back to shooting.  And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.