Hey Bros! Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die. Today’s contestant is Donald Glover from the TV show, Community. But I’ve been following Donald’s videos on Collegehumor for a few years. He’s funny. Let’s see if his tweets are just as hilarious.

December 10th: “Hung w/ @danharmon, drank whiskey, saw boobs. #fuckyournight”

Nice! Bros, for those of you that don’t know, Dan Harmon created Community and such wonderful classic as, Laser Fart.

December 10th: “If the next episode of “Community” sounds like it was recorded in a W hotel lobby, blame Dr. Phil.”

I blame Dr. Phil for most audio problems and sometimes the editing.

December 10th: “Dude is blasting some serious techno next door. I think he’s rolling. He’s chewing a pacifier and what’s left of his hair is cornrowed.”

Really? Dr. Phil is into techno?

December 10th: “P.S. Just told that there might be some tickets at the door in SF. Also, LA looks like it will sell out tomorrow, so for you poor people…”

December 10th: “200th person to tweet #IAMDONALD gets and #IAMDONALD shirt and two tickets to #IAMDONALD in LA!”

Nice. Look at you selling out shows. You deserve it, dude. I saw your Comedy Central special, funny shit.

December 11th: “I’m pretty sure Mike Posner and Bruno Mars fight each other on rooftops at night.”

But which one is evil? I’m guessing Bruno. Sounds like a villain name. Bruno Mars.

December 11th: “Vanessa Simmons and Maria & Luis’ daughter from Sesame Street can both get it.”

This time, I’m guessing Vanessa. V names are always evil.

December 11th: “About to perform #IAMDONALD for the first time in San Francisco. Im actually scared and shit.”

Dude, they’re all hippies. Worst case scenario, they’re so high, they laugh at the wrong parts.

December 12th: “Some chicks just called my manager Zach Galifianakis. #accurate http://plixi.com/p/62482163”

That’s ridiculous. He looks more like H. Jon Benjamin.

December 12th: “Who was the girl in the red dress in front? Why wouldn’t you dance? I’ll find you and make you dance”

That sounds like a perfectly sane and rational plan.

December 12th: “Little girl in Staples said “Come on mom. What are we doin?” like a fuckin adult! Your toddler’s got her shit together. PICK UP YO FACE MOM!”

That sounds amazing, unless it was Courtney Love and her kid.

December 12th: “Just heard Kendrick Lamar on my “You Know Me” beat. Good shit.”

Link please. All I could find was this. Which is pretty cool.

6 hours ago: “IT PASSED CONGRESS!!! “Hello” has officially been replaced with “Have you seen Black Swan?””

No, I heard the Republicans were gonna filibuster it just to be consistent. Sorry.

All right, let’s rate Donald’s Tweets. Solid stuff. Funny, with some insight in his everyday light. I did minimal editing on some of his replies. I give him a 8 for Style, a 7 for Insanity and a 9 for Mustness. That’s an overall score of 8. Totally worth following, and judging by the rising star of his career path, I predict his twitter can only get more interesting.

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