The Warrior’s Way looks great and is a lot of funny, but it’s kind of the junk food of movies. You wouldn’t want too much of it. Everything about the plot and characters is crazily derivative, but it is pretty entertaining if you like to see ninjas.

The basic plot: the Sad Flute ninja clan has defeated their rival clan. But the last potential victim is just a baby. Their greatest warrior decides to let the baby live and his clan turns against him. He goes to America, settles in a town and then proceeds to hack up the local bad guys and then the ninjas.

There is a lot of CGI in this movie and its very cartoony. Not realistic at all. Personally, I can stomach it, but many can’t, so that may annoy you. Second, the town is clearly on a sound stage that’s right out of that Western episode of the old Star Trek. I mean it’s REALLY a sound stage. It’s one of those movies where they spent shitloads on the costuming, effects and design.

There are some nice moments in the movie with the characters. Geoffrey Rush, as an old drunk, has a nice moment with the ninja talking about being a warrior. Beyond that, it’s pretty much Lone Wolf and Cub, but with a much bigger budget and a different ending.

Very entertaining to watch, but not much on the character development. Danny Huston’s Colonel villains is particularly one-dimensional and he seems to have an endless horde of henchmen for no apparent reason. This movie is basically Shanghai Surprise only more serious.

It’s definitely a fun rental and kinda worth seeing in the theater if you want some popcorn fluff to pass the time. I give the Warrior’s Way 6 out of 10 keggers. It ain’t Shakespeare, but you will see many, many, many ninjas die in cool ways.