I didn’t want to like Tangled, mainly because I have an anti-Disney biased. And not just because they kept putting The Rock in crappy movies. Disney’s take on Rapunzel is tight, funny and totally worth seeing.

The basic premise is that Rapunzel is a lost princess with magic hair that can heal you and keep you young. As a baby, she’s kidnapped by an evil woman who wants the magic to keep herself young. Thus, neatly, they explain the tower and why they can never cut her hair (cutting her hair ruins the magic).

Enter Flynn Rider, a dashing rogue you only see in fairy tales. He stumbles upon the tower after stealing the lost princess’s crown. Sure, he falls in love with her, but the ride there is pretty damned entertaining. It’s full of funny animals, sight gags, songs and great pacing and animation.

Normally, when I hear stuff like “an instant Disney classic”, I roll my eyes and think to myself, “Man, this must stink.” But, it’s really good. Fun. And while the ending is pretty predictable, it won’t feel predictable when you get there. The filmmakers neatly get around what would probably be the most gruesome moment at the end, so don’t worry about taking the kids.

The songs were original and didn’t veer off on any tangents. Even though they were sappy at times, they were relatively short and Mandy Moore does a pretty good job as the voice and singer. The character even looks like Mandy by the end.

So if you’re looking for some harmless fluff that will actually entertain you, you should check this out bros. I give it 8.5 keggers out of 10.