Wild Target stars Bill Nighy as a hitman that falls in love with his target, Emily Blunt. Rupert Grint plays Nighy’s hapless apprentice. It’s a pretty solid movie and worth seeing.

The movie opens with Nighy committing his latest hit with excellence. Ever the professional, his entire life has centered around the kill. Following in his father’s footsteps, he’s known nothing else. However, some tiny part of him wants something more.

Enter Blunt’s character’s Rose, a huge kleptomaniac, she pulls off a sell-the-fake-painting con and is targeted by her victim. After following her around, Nighy grows to like Rose and can’t bring himself to kill her. He eventually becomes her bodyguard. On the way, Grint stumbles on the scene and Nighy decides to make him his successor.

Yes, this movie has been done a thousand times before, but never this well or this funny. Nighy pulls off the uptight Englishman, while Blunt tears through scenes causing chaos wherever she goes. Grint is essentially a slightly stupidier version of Ron Weasley, but it works well in the movie. He has a few very funny scenes.

Directed by Jonathan Lynn, the movie zips past at a good pace. Almost ever character has some kind of charm to him or her. It’s really well done.

Definitely one to see. If you want to take your date to an arthouse movie that won’t bore you or rent something cool in the next month or two, check it out. I give it 8 out of 10 keggers.