Hello, bros! And welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die. Today’s contestant is a favorite of mine. I am not a rabid Star Wars fan (although I am a fan), but I am an even bigger fan of Carrie Fisher. Let’s see what Princess Leia is tweeting.

October 5th: “Leaving for Australia to perform my show Wishful Drinking- wearing my fathers pinky ring lugging two packed suitcases-…”

You really ought to make your droids carry them.

October 5th: “Would appreciate any suggestions on BEST place to buy fire opals & soft nitegowns & the BEST way or place to celebrate Halloween down under?”

I don’t know about the first one, but you should probably stock up on Foster’s, shrimp and barbies.

October 5th: “… also I’ve been eating a lot of bacon since my fathers passing. It must be my unique way of grieving.”

Sorry to hear that. If you like bacon, here’s a bacon song that always cheers me up.

October 19th: “Had my first show in Sydney last night……AWESOME audience! They liked me! They really liked me! But more to the point, I LOVED them!”

Any shouts of, “Do Angela’s voice! Do Angela’s voice!”

October 19th: “My hope is that tonight’s assemblage is as good!”

Look at you doing all these shows. Yeah, performing is way better than writing sometimes.

October 19th: “I do my last show as a 53 year old tonight! Spending my last minutes of 53 as an Australian spectacle……”

You’re 53? Really? Holdin’ up nice.

October 19th: “up to very little or all good down under……. Yours very truly, Lubby Marfubble Soup McFuckler……”

I don’t know what that means, but it made me laugh.

October 21st: “Thank you guys so much for helping me turn 54. I couldn’t have done it alone. I don’t look a day over 53.”

C’mon, you look good. Besides, it must be refreshing to see guys look you in the eye once in a while.

October 28th: “I’m no good at this self promo shit- they want me to tell you- they have released the last remaining tickets to come see me at the Athenaeum”

I think if you curse alot, you’ll be fine. You’re one of those people that’s funny to watch curse. You seethe with actual anger, but you kinda look small and harmless. I think that’s why they cast you in the Blues Brothers movie.

October 28th: “The extra shows are tonight, tomorrow and Saturday at 8 pm- the last remaining tickets are priced at $60…”

The fucking tickets. Remember. Funny.

November 6th: “In Adelaide to perform Wishful Drinking- in the mean time I’m watching a show on Hitler’s bodyguard- bliss(ish)”

Hey, you’d probably like Hipster Hitler. It’s a really funny webcomic.

November 6th: “I promise this is the last time i do this… Please come see me in Wishful Drinking in Adelaide & Perth- I’d be so grateful- otherwise…”

Yeah, I used to feel bad about self promoting on my Twitter. Then I just decided to stop…feeling bad.

November 6th: “They’ll make me do even more publicity then the to much they already have & then we’ll all be as sick of me in Australia as I’m getting 2b”

Don’t worry, they’re Aussies. They’ll forget everything once they sober up.

November 10th: “What the fuck has Obama done so far? http://www.whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar.com/”

Yeah, sadly the opposite website is just too depressing to build.

Okay, let’s rate Carrie’s tweets. A little self-promoting, but not too much and she had the right amount of humility about it. So for Insanity, I give her a 7, Mustness I give her an 8, but for Style, that’s an easy 10. That’s an overall score of 8.3. You gotta follow Carrie, how could you not? This is the Twitter you’re looking for. And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.