Hey Bros!

And welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die. Today’s contestant is another favorite of mine, Conan sidekick, Andy Richter. You know him as that, but he is also a pretty damn good improv performer. Let’s see if he can improv some good tweets.

October 29th: “Things people support now will one day be considered almost hilariously absurd: http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/72305”

Yeah, they fought for the right to vote and where are all those votes going now soccer moms?

October 31st: “Try and be cynical about this, you dirty snarks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvrcdQWzH-8&feature=share”

Awwww. I’ll never troll again.

November 1st: “Left home to trick or treat. Put bowl of candy on stoop. Returned home, kid’s bags full. Bowl was empty. Kids emptied bags into bowl. Ennui.”

Jeez. This is turning into a Herzog twitter. Sadly, like your trashing of Wolf Blitzer on Jeopardy.

November 1st: “Tomorrow, let’s vote randomly! Just pick willy-nilly! Then no one can blame us for anything! And isn’t that what it’s all about?”

I usually vote third party and if I can’t, I write in my name and that of my friends. Would you like to be the district’s Freeholder? You don’t live here, but it’s a cushy gig, I hear.


Now it’s a Fox News tweet.

23 hours ago: “CAPS MAKE ME RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

A Bill O’Reilly tweet!

13 hours: “Uh oh! Jim Barber and his famous puppet JR just barged in my front door to talk about low prices. Had no idea who they were, so I shot them!”

When the ambulance came, did he throw his voice so it sounded like the paramedic talking?

11 hours: “Outside my polling place an old man assaulted a young guy and called him a “pinko” for voting Democratic. A “pinko”? That is just darling!”

Jeez, do you live in a district still trapped in 1955?

11 hours ago: “DAMNIT!!!! I FORGOT I WAS GOING TO USE ALL CAPS!!! I’M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!”

Ow! My virtual ears!

1 hour ago: “Okay, all the polls are closed, so I’m turning off the caps lock.”

Looks like the Caps Lockers won. It’s a red state victory.

1 hour ago: “It seems that Sarah Palin’s new show involves her going to gorgeous remote places and bellowing at the top of her lungs about tranquility.”

Dammit, I thought there’d be moose hunting. Or something like this:

Okay, let’s rate Andy’s tweets. Not totally what I was expecting, but hey, he’s a busy guy with his show soon to launch. Good lucky Team Coco! I give Andy a 7 for Insanity, a 9 for Mustness and a 10 for Style. That averages out to a total score of 8.6. Definitely worth following. Hopefully there will be some interaction with the TBS show. Destroy the Tonight Show Andy!

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