Probably one of the most honest movie franchises ever made, Jackass 3D delivers exactly what it promises, raw idiocy in state-of-the-art 3D.

Out of the three (or four) movies, I’d say this one was the most disgusting. It had the most bodily fluids and Steve-O was a trooper throughout. One has to wonder how much longer he can keep punishing himself or will he finally take some acting lessons so he won’t have to spend a whole movie getting covered in feces.

It’s hard to give you the highlights without ruining some of the bits. Bam’s antiquing, shown in the trailer, was still funny in the movie. The other angle of the shot really makes you laugh because he goes down flat.

Stifler makes a kind of pointless appearance in the film. It’s a shame they didn’t get one of the Broken Lizard guys like they did in 2 to get in on an elaborate prank. The movie did seem kind of streamlined, but the 3D really upped the ante.

I would recommend IMAX because the theater I saw it in was limited in that the corners of the screen kind of ruin the effect. This is, in many ways, a perfect stoner movie. It’s also not pretentious and doesn’t try to be anything its not. And that’s the beauty of Jackass.

I give Jackass 3D an 8 out of 10 keggers. Definitely go see it in 3D, even though you get dinged for the glasses. (I kept mine. Ha!)