Hey Bros!

October is Recruit-a-Pledge Month! The first bro to recruit five pledges to come to Super Frat and post a comment will win the original art from Collegehumor.com artist, H. Caldwell Tanner. I paid good money for this pin up of Pledge Jack, but now it can be yours just for bringing five of your friends to the site. They must come here and post a comment, plus I have to be able to verify their email address, so they have to register. Plus, if things get a little crazy, we may have to email to verify that the person is actually your friend.

And, at the Webcomic Factory, a similar deal. If you can bring Five Friends to the Factory (and they have to be different from the ones you bring to Super Frat), you can win the SJRP fun pack which includes: 10 issues of The Travelers, 12 issues of Jersey Devil (just in time for Halloween), 4 issues of The Fix and a copy of Mistah Shit’s favorite comic book, Rodney: The Alien That Smoked Pot. I’ll even sign them for you if that’s what you want. Same deal, five friends and they have to register so we can verify their emails.

If the contest gets real close, we might throw in some second and third place winners, depending how much money we have for mailing. If you live outside the continental US forget it. I’ll send you a nice email maybe. What is this? The 1800’s? Who uses mail? Anyhow, that’s five friends, verifiable emails and they must comment.