Honestly, I didn’t want to like “The Town”. After what Ben Affleck did to Daredevil, it’s hard to forgive, but I have to say it’s a pretty good flick. Affleck stars and directs himself where he is comfortable, in Boston. Other than the BS about Charlestown producing the most bank robbers in the world (a weird claim made during the opening credits that isn’t true), the story is about modern Boston gangsters.

Affleck, trapped in the crime-ridden Charlestown after blowing his chance at major league hockey, turns to crime. He’s smarter than the rest of his cohorts, but eventually comes to the conclusion that he needs to get out. His suicidal gangster buddy won’t be satisfied until everyone is in jail or dead.

The most improbable part is that when the group takes a bank hostage, Affleck then goes to “check” on her, but ends up talking with her and dating her. They fall in love, but later the FBI reveal Affleck’s true colors. Will she turn him in or run away with her? Blake Lively plays the hot ex-girlfriend. Hot!

So it’s a typical gangster story about a very smart gangster. The ending is almost a little too smart for its own good, but still somewhat satisfying. Personally, I’d prefer a more “classic” ending, but you be the judge. Worth seeing. I give The Town 7 keggers out of 10.