It’s a great movie, bros. Everything you’ve heard, tweeted and posted is true. Mark Zuckerberg has 500 million friends and, according to this movie, is an asshole.

Aaron Sorkin’s script is as tight as Zuckerberg’s Facebook code. The movie follows his inept socializing at Harvard, his genius idea and then how the genius idea may or may not have really been Zuckerberg’s. It’s left to the audience to decide.

Eisenberg is perfect to play Zuckerberg. Neurotic, intense, nerd to the extreme, Sorkin’s script pushes him a little over the top, but its believable. Timberlake as the Nappster founder is pretty awesome as well.

The story is really the story of Facebook and how it came to be. It’s told via flashback during two lawsuits that Zuckerberg had to deal with after the site hit big. This is framed around Zuckerberg’s inability to connect with real people one on one. The site is a metaphor for his distancing of people.

The story is also one of betrayal, friendship, love and how people sometimes really don’t know how to deal with something as big and as crazy as Facebook. Only Timberlake’s character really has the vision to see it and the skill to see it through. The movie is two hours and it just flew by. A great flick that probably deserves an Oscar for best script and best actor.

I give it a 10 out of 10 Keggers. Go see it, bros.