Hey bros! Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die. Today we examine the tweets of the very funny, Tracey Morgan from 30 Rock. Just looking at his current list of tweets I see no retweets or links, just pure Tracey. I think this is going to be good.

October 9th, 3:43pm: “my dickhead is shaped liked a darth vadar helmet. my dick is so fat it looks like r2d2.”

Well, he doesn’t update often, but that is pretty funny.

October 8th, 4:01pm: “The wait is over! The black Svengali has arrived! I’m on the street turning good girls bad and getting them pregnant!!!”


October 8th, 4:29pm: “Im a good parent so ill induce the labor”

These tweets must be from when the novelty was still good.

October 8th, 8:53pm: “Just got in the house. Feeling tired from working 30 Rock. Getting ready to crash. Good night my loves.”

Jeez, these are almost a year old. I wonder what turned him off twitter.

October 10th, 1pm: “World Be Free. Oh Yeah, Evil Knievel’s my biological father.”

Maybe he feels pressured to make every tweet funny and eventually it became too much.

October 10th, 5:17pm: “I want everyone to urge The Roots to remake “Soul Makossa” and I also want to urge Keyshia Coles to remake “I Just Got to be Free.””

Roots, Keyshia, do what he said.

October 10th, 6:14pm: “Fuck that. Express yourself.”

Okay, make up your mind, Svengali.

October 10th, 6:23pm: “It don’t matter who you be just be for real if you want to fuck with Tracy Morgan. Bout to do a show at Penn St. Check me out.”

Hmmm, maybe by this point he was getting nasty tweets back. Could that be what turned him off of twitter?

October 13th, 9:18pm: “siting here watching vh1 hiphop honors. that Tracy Morgan is a funny mother fucker.”

Maybe Tracy hired his assistant to tweet and he stopped doing it. He could still be collecting a paycheck. Tracey! Hey, Tracy!

October 16th, 2:23pm: “30 ROCK rocks- Stay tuned. You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

There are some pretty big guest stars this year.

October 20th, 9:08am: “Check out my story I’m THE NEW BLACK, its out today!”

So far, he’s pretty consistent with October of last year. Just waiting for the drop off.

October 20th, 10:51am: “Come holler at me tomorrow night 7pm in harlem HUE MAN BOOK STORE.”

Ahhhhhhh! Hey, I just thought of something. Did you do a voice on the Boondocks? You got a funny voice Tracy, you should totally do that show. It’s awesome.

October 21st, 9:51am: “having a cheeseburger delux and diet coke at 9am – breakfast of champions”

Nice! That sounds good!

October 21st, 9:53am: “For $15 I’ll induce your labor”

Every comic has a callback. Nice.

October 24th, 6:52pm: “At Yankee Stadium chillin with Harry Bellafonte”

Could it be that Harry Bellafonte turned you off of twitter?

November 3rd, 7:50pm: “I’m doing stand up this Friday at Carnegie Hall. Come check me out…I’m going raw dog on this one.”

Ah, ha! Damn you, Bellafonte!

November 3rd, 8:14pm: “to all my ladies come see traylay and all my dudes come see tray bags”

No idea what that means.

November 4th, 2:09pm: “Just got off the phone with puff daddy wishing him a happy birthday”

And did P. Diddy also advise you to stay away from the twitter?

November 10th, 3:39pm: “In case you didn’t know I’m hosting Scare Tactics tonight on Syfy. Check it out. And thanks all for checkin me out at Carnegie Hall.”

Scare Tactics? Hmm, that is a pretty funny show, but kind of in an unintentional way.

April 16th, 2010, 1:11pm: “I don’t know about yall but I’m going to grab me up a yaddda and do see death at a funeral this weekend and hopfuly get some ass after.”

Damn, Tracy, only one tweet in 2010? You must be getting some serious ass that occupy your time. Now that you’re a movie star, I guess there’s just no time for tweeting. Oh, well.

Let’s rate Tracy’s tweets. I give him a 1 for Mustness, looks like he’s done tweeting for now. A 8 for Insanity and a 9 for Style. That’s an over all score of 6. Might be good to follow in case he suddenly comes back. It’s not the number of the tweets, it’s the quality.

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