Hey Bros!

I’m back from Intervention Con and boy do I have something special to show! H. Caldwell Tanner, one of the artists from Collegehumor.com was there. He illustrates things like Drunk O’ Vision and charts about what kind of roommate you are. He’s also got his own site at Loldwell.com. I got him to do a Super Frat pin up! Here is Pledge Jack in all his glory!

Nice job, bro! Thanks! Maybe we can hire you away from Collegehumor.com some day! What do they pay you? We’ll halve it. No! We’ll quarter it! Better yet, can you work for beer? We have a ton of Natty Lite left over from July 4th. Just sayin’. Think about it.

Caldwell rocks the con with an issue of Super Frat in tow.

Also in attendance, Chris Flick, creator of Capes & Babes. Chris totally saved my ass by sharing his hotel digs with me. Awesome hotel called the Legacy and Chris found a cheap rate, which we then split, so I had more money to blow on sushi and cocaine. (Note to self, do not leave cocaine within arm’s reach of sushi chef and his rice again. That Nigri is still making my heart race.)

Also on hand was Brother Stoney (AKA: Travis Surber) and his lovely wife, Brother Shady (AKA: Jennifer Surber). Brother Stoney does a webcomic called Hainted Holler, so don’t forget to check that out as well.

And, of course, Pete Abrams of Sluggy Freelance and his many lovely minions were just icing on the caked to what was a damn fine first con. Sure to grow. Put this one on your list! Intervention Con!

And a special shout-out to Rob Balder of Erfworld for hosting a party that was out of control. Literally. There was more girl-on-girl action at his party than two Hooters waitresses fighting over a tip. Sadly, my camera was not present.