If you saw the trailer for Get Low, you’d probably think it’s a wacky comedy about a crazy old man that wants to hold his own funeral before he dies sometime in the 20’s or 30’s. It’s not a wacky as the trailer might have you believe, despite the presence of Bill Murray, but make no mistake it’s a good movie. It’s really more of a mystery than anything else, but instead of a detective figuring it out, you and the funeral parlor guys are putting it together.

The basic premise is, a hermit named Felix Bush decides he wants to hold a “funeral party” and invite everyone that’s ever heard a story about him. But why Felix has cut himself off from the world for 40 years begins to emerge. Bill Murray is the slightly shady and desperate film director that puts on the show. Sissy Spacek is Bush’s lost love.

The movie is funny in parts, but is also part dark drama. Ultimately, it’s about redemption that’s a long time in coming. The cast is pretty amazing. Don’t expect giant robots, vampires or explosive action scenes, but this is a very solid period piece totally worth seeing.

I give Get Low 8.5 keggers out of 10. Go see it bros.