Not a bad little cartoon about a supervillain who adopts three lovable orphans as part of a plot to get inside his rival’s lair. But when he unexpectedly begins to love the orphans, his life changes for the better.

Leaving aside the ridiculousness of the premise, the execution is pretty flawless and the performances right on the money. Steve Carell has a great accent as Gru, the evil, but then lovable villain. The impossibly cute minions are also everywhere.

Look, if you’re going to over think it, you won’t enjoy it. Sure it’s mindless fluff, but it’s quality mindless fluff. Think of it as a PG-rated version of Lex Luthor.

There are some pretty funny sequences. It does get a little mushy at the end, but the creators keep it within the context of the world they’ve created. There is already rumblings about a sequel in the works. I give Dispicable Me a very solid 7 out of 10 keggers. It’s worth seeing at the movies and would be a totally solid rental.