Hey Bros! Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die. Today’s contestant is one of my favorites and is THE favorite actor of Mistah Shit, Kal Penn! He’s a hilarious stoner, let’s see if he’s a hilarious tweeter as well.

June 13th, 10:42pm: “Having dinner with @JohntheCho. So boring!”

Look at that. Fans probably think that you guys hang out all the time now. Stupid fans. That’s just in the movies. So how high did you guys get before you went out to eat?

June 14th, 8:48pm: “Having dinner with @JohnTheCho. So fun!”

Monday’s menu apparently much more fun.

June 15th, 8:02am: “Dear youtube & facebook, please stop suggesting that I “friend BP”. I mean come on.”

But the kitties have the inside scoop on what happened.

June 15th, 8:01pm: “Turning on the President’s speech at 8pm EST, then the Laker game”

I know you’re a bit of an Obamaphile, Kal, but I think you got a better chance of seeing Shaq solve the oil spill. He could probably just reach down there and shove a basketball in the hole.

June 16th, 1:23pm: “Happy Birthday @JohnTheCho! As they say on the internets, May you live long enough to poop your pants (again).”

Hey, you don’t have to live very long to do that. You just need a very loose interpretation of personal hygiene.

June 16th, 11:06pm: “After blowing out his bday candles, @JohnTheCho got nude and started doing pilates with @JakeAndAmir. End scene. http://yfrog.com/0t53upj”

You forgot to add, “no homo”. Or did you?

June 17th, 7:41am: “Congress is about 2 cut $5 billion in YOUR student aid!Call them&stop it.See how: http://bit.ly/93esie”

Yeah and while you’re at it, tell them to stop sending the money to fund the war. Assuming it’s not interrupting your Xbox live game of Modern Warfare 2.

June 17th, 9:13pm: “Watching the Laker Game. Bam!”

Uh, oh. Hope you didn’t bet the Celtics.

June 18th, 4:42pm: “Just walked by a UPS guy who thought I was out of earshot and then remarked to his friend, “A. Dat &$/;!@ look like a busted Koo-mah”.”

Well, you could really ruin his day by ordering supplies to your house. Of course, you’d have to do something with the supplies.

June 19th, 9:41am: “Good luck running the marathon @JakeandAmir. I’ll be cheering you on with a vuvuzela”

Don’t believe, Kal. It’s probably just a set up so that Skeeter can finally get even.

June 19th, 3:19pm: “mad love for Freehold Township High School. Woot.”

And don’t forget the Raceway Mall. That’s probably where most of the students spend their time anyway.

June 20th, 8:37am: “”Plenipotentiary” is a super tight word.”

Wow, that’s like 500 points in Scrabble, bro. I had to look it up.

June 20th, 2:07pm: “Just discovered this awesome show, “Dude, What Would Happen?” on the Cartoon Network. They’re ice speedskating inside an airplane. Insanity!”

It’s no Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but it’s okay. Why’s it on Cartoon Network? Do they occasionally talk to Harvey Birdman for advice or something?

June 21st, 6:14am: “I am Prime Minister of the New Jerseyan breakaway Republic of Kalpenistan.”

Finally part of North Jersey breaks away. Maybe my car insurance in South Jersey will finally go down.

8 hours ago: “Put some serious pressure on your Senators to take action on clean energy & youth issues NOW! http://consequence2010.org/apply/?org=blog”

Ah, don’t worry, Kal. When the economy collapses, we won’t have the money to drill or drive cars anymore. We’ll all be waiting in soup lines in the nice fresh air!

All right, let’s rate Kal’s tweets. Kal’s got a good mix of comedy, opinion and shout outs to his buddies which I omitted. That’s a 9 for Style, 7 for Insanity and a 9 for Mustness. It’s an overall score of 8.3. Definitely one to follow.

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