Hey Bros! Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die. Today’s contestant is Marshal Mathers, AKA: Eminem. Let’s see if he tweets as well as he raps.

May 24th, 8:07pm: “See the Recovery album covers first at http://www.eminem.com #recovery”

That must’ve been a while back. Now there is the video.

There’s a lot of superhero imagery in Eminem’s stuff. Very Superman in this music video. Let’s skip a few tweets that pimp this link and go to…

Jun 8th, 6:04pm: “Here’s the back cover of Recovery… June 22nd. #recovery http://twitpic.com/1v4crd”

Good luck with the new album. It’s a lot more serious than this one, which is a favorite of mine.

June 13th, 12:14am: “You can pre-order Recovery on iTunes now. Both a regular version and a deluxe version with bonus tracks. #recovery”

Sorry, I’m stuck in the 90’s with my CD player.

June 13, 12:18am: “We got Wayne’s verse filmed before he went away luckily. Gotta shoot the rest of a “No Love” video real soon. Keep your head up Weezy!”

Weezy?! My friend Donna loves Weezy!

June 13th, 12:55am: “People in the LA area should stay tuned here tomorrow afternoon… I’m giving away some tickets to Monday’s Activision event.”

Cool, do we get a copy of Pitfall with that?

June 13th, 4:55pm: “First 20 of you to Undftd. on La Brea in Los Angeles get a pair of passes to tomorrow night’s Activision event. Go now.”

Dude, you should shoot a video at the tar pits. That would be cool.

June 13th, 5:08pm: “Yes, I will be performing at the Activision event…”

Well, sure. I assumed that.

June 13th, 5:41pm: ‘Last pair at Undftd. on LaBrea. I’ll give away some more tomorrow.”

Aw, man. If only I was in L.A. and it was last Sunday.

June 14th, 3:37pm: “Ok… First 20 of you to Undftd. in Silverlake get a pair of passes to tonight’s Activision gig at Staples Center. I’ll be there. Go!”

It’s kind of like a radio station give away, only we don’t have to humiliate ourselves.

June 14th, 5:22pm: “Silverlake Undftd. Passes are long gone.”

Yeah, and just like the radio giveaways, I never win.

June 14th, 6:13pm: “Ok. Last 20 pairs of passes for tonight’s Activision event will be at Undftd. in Santa Monica. Go now.”

Damn, Em. Can’t you tell us what you had for breakfast or any other boring mundane aspects of your life? It’s Twitter. You don’t have to keep giving away your profits. Although it’s nice you do.

1 hour ago: “Vince for EmWOW! Check it out, uncensored. http://www.eminem.com/blog/default.aspx?nid=26828”

Ha, ha! Nice! I gotta post this! Did he work for money or prostitutes? I’m just askin’.

1 hour ago: “We also have a 2 minute version for later this week.”

Nice, I’ll look for it. Like the cameo in Funny People by the way.

Okay, let’s rate Eminem’s Twitter. He’s pretty relentless with the promoting (like I should talk). Guess he’s just not that in to the Twitter thing. I give him a 4 for Style, 6 for Insanity (he is Eminem afterall) and 5 for Mustness. That’s an overall score of 5. Pretty much a fan only twitter, I would say. Still, there’s lots of reason to be a fan of Eminem if you haven’t heard his stuff.

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