Hey Bros:

The strip will go up later today. I’m so fried from Heroes Con, I had to quickly tell you what happened.

The missus and I both got sick this weekend, so we decided to stay an extra day so we could sleep and be rested for the journey home via rented car. Long story short, we both got sicker on the ride. Then we got a flat tire and were stranded in the middle of a highway. The tire was on the passenger side, so there was no way I was changing it.

After a quick call to AAA (thanks guys!) we got back on the road with a donut and called the rental agency. They agreed to give us a new car, but stopping for the switch killed even more time. Plus we were both exhausted and cranky. It look us over 13 hours on what should’ve been a 9.5. And, oh yeah, my belt broke (shades of my nickname, Brother Rope Belt) and my pants kept falling down.

After an ordeal of breaking down and switching cars, etc. It’s now 3:30am and I’m too fried to finish a strip I should’ve done 8 hours ago. I sleep now bros, but don’t worry, new strip as soon as I get some sleep. Tomorrow, early afternoonish.
-Tony D