Harry Brown is like a darker, British version of Gran Torino. Michael Caine infuses the Harry character with a great deal of humanity, so it rises above what would normally be just another version of Death Wish.

The story opens as Harry, a retired ex-marine, is living in an English slum called the Estates. Plagued by violent street gangs, Harry minds his own business, never venturing into the subway tunnel that the gangs frequently loiter in. Playing chess with his only friend, Harry is running out the clock while trying to hold onto hope that his dying wife might somehow recover.

But one local gang in particular is spirally further and further out of control. The opening of the movie establishes their penchant for video taping their murderous rampages. When Harry’s friend is finally killed by the gangs, he decides to fight back.

But there’s no A-team moment here of Harry gearing up. Even while trying to purchase an illegal gun to “shoot pigeons off his roof”, Harry’s humanity won’t allow him to ignore an O.D.’ing junkie girl. Maybe it’s because Harry is just so likable that I enjoyed this movie, but I think it’s really well done too. Things build to a climax nicely and Caine gives Harry a good send off.

I give Harry Brown 9 out of 10 keggers, bros. Definitely go see it.