Ben Stiller plays a hipster curmudgeon dealing with aging and the train wreck of his life. It’s kind of a comedy/drama. Not really funny enough to be Zoolander, but funnier, than say, Schindler’s List. Greenberg (Ben Stiller) comes to L.A. to house sit for his more successful brother that’s on vacation in Vietnam. He falls in love with his brother’s assistant, Florence (Greta Gerwig) who is an aimless 20-something. On the way, Greenberg rediscovers his life. Rhys Ifans plays Greenberg ex-bandmate and best friend.

I have to say that I enjoyed the movie, but probably more that I identified with Greenberg’s isolation more than most people would. The missus complained that it dragged in the beginning. I didn’t see that, but I thought it did pick up at the end. The soundtrack tries a little too hard and in retrospect, it would’ve really been nice to hear some of the salient details of Greenberg’s previous fall from grace. It’s not bad.

I give Greenberg 5 out of 10 keggers. Worth seeing. Maybe wait for DVD. I’m right on the fence about that. I would say, if nothing else floats your boat and its still in the theaters, why not?