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Every Thursday, Chris Moreno lists individuals whose behaviors are so deplorable that they should eat a dick.

— The Avon Park, FL man who was arrested for making over 200 rude calls in a 3-day period to 911 should eat over 200 dicks and choke on them.

— A Michigan hotel guest shot up his room and put an alarm clock in the microwave, citing he was on a mission from God.  This just in: I’m getting a message from God…  He says that this guy should eat a dick.

— The Kentucky sheriff’s deputy who accidentally locked himself in a jail cell and tried shooting his way out should be locked in a small cage made of dicks.  His only escape would lie in eating his way out.

— The suicidal Russian man who hospitalized a 7-year-old girl when he jumped from a window and landed on her should eat a dick dropped off the Empire State Building.

— The Memphis mother who drank a 40 and ran through her kid’s elementary school swinging a cane sword should stop watching Kill Bill before parent-teacher conferences and eat a dick.

Think someone needs to eat a dick? Email suggestions to dicketer@gmail.com or post in the message board.