Hello bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die!  Oh, bros, I’m psyched!  Today’s contestant is a personal hero of mine, Danny DeVito!  He was funny on Taxi, but It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, is fuckin’ brilliant.  Let’s check out his twitter.

February 10th, 12:09pm: “Good Morning W side of Earth. Beautiful Day. Woops NYC! Lend a hand in the snow. Looking forward to IASIP/FG Friday night! Checking balls!

TMI, Danny.  TMI.

February 10th, 12:35pm: “Flash Back: Balcony facing East. Light fades. Rain feathers TF in fond Fandango http://yfrog.com/au4zcwsj

Dude, what’s with the foot.  You really are Frank.

February 11th, 8:30pm: “Troll Foot at rehearsal The Nightman Cometh Tomorrow night at Universal Amphitheater http://yfrog.com/3312cxj

You’re performing the Nightman Cometh Live?!  Nice!  Saw the Xmas Special by the way. It was sweet!

February 12th, 11:35am: “Troll Foot and Mahogony http://yfrog.com/1yheppj

Who knew DeVito had a foot fetish?

February 12th, 12:03pm: “Tonight Is Our Night Bitches! The Nightman Cometh! Live Nation It’s ours Bitch! M’Balls firing up! 11 hours till incineration. Hang on TF!

Nice, dude.  Hey, Mac was on LOST tonight.  He was very Mac-like.  I knew he was going to die in the same episode the moment he walked onto the screen.  And he did.

February 12th, 1:08pm: “Btches on stage Troll Foot happy! http://yfrog.com/3ncavztj

Hey, did you refer to Judd Hirsch and Tony Danza as “btches” too?

February 13th, 10:34am: “Troll Foot and the boss

You put your foot on Bruce Springstein?  Gross, dude.

February 13th, 10:37am: “Whoops http://yfrog.com/35cngdj

Oh, that boss.  Mac rocks as well.  The only thing that would’ve made that Lost episode better is if Charlie had been his sidekick and gotten killed too.

February 13th, 10:34am: “Troll Foot and Sweet Dee she http://yfrog.com/1d6jhkoj

Aw, dude, that’s so wrong.  You were always the crazy man.  Like in these Taxi outtakes (about 7:40 in).

February 13th, 10:48am: “In New Jersey. Limoncello signing baby! From So California to snow covered Edison! Great show Bitches http://yfrog.com/4avgffj

Does this snow here suck or what?  I mean, Edison is bad enough.

February 13th, 10:52am: “Thanks to all Sponsors,Live Nation, Jersey Jeff Ross, Sarah Silverman, Seth & Family Guy. The Nightman Cometh and Boy’s Soul. For Haiti!

Giving back, that’s nice.  Troll Foot with a heart of gold.

February 13th, 11:05am: “To the thousand of Sunny Fans! You da’ best. Season 6 we puttin out for you! Squeese your ass cheeks Bitches. TV’s Balls are Vesuvius! MF

I have no idea what you just said, but imagining you saying it makes me laugh.

February 13th, 11:17am: “Joe Canal’s at one! A date! Lookin forward Troll Foot very excited! Last night make up at Haiti Benefit! http://yfrog.com/auy0tsj

Maybe you shouldn’t let your foot take the picture.

10 hours ago: “Troll Foot is in NYC http://yfrog.com/35jqwozj

Dude!  Get out!  The snow’s returning!

I don’t understand half of what Danny is saying, but it sounds like he’s having fun.  Let’s rate his twitter.  I give him a 6 for Style, an 8 for Mustness and a 10 for Insanity.  You’re definitely treading on Courtney Love territory, my friend.  That’s an overall score of 8, a must Follow.

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