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Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  This week we take a look at Comic Book Related Twitters.  Pledge Jack is very happy about it.  I know, I know, it’s not exactly “cool”, but we are a webcomic, keep in mind.  Let’s take a look.

Comic Book Resources, for those of you non-fanboys, is one of the behemoths of comic book websites.  Probably the last one standing, really.

Average Tweet: “Image Comics Titles On Sale February 3, 2010 http://bit.ly/doNRYh

Above Average Tweet: “VIDEO: “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths” Clip http://bit.ly/cCUmzT

The tweeting is pretty constant, so if you’re a playa in the comic book scene, you oughta hook yourself up.

Gregors Review tweet is to pimp Gregors Review site.  Gregor’s actual site may be more relevant that the tweets, which are short and pithy enough to probably be tweeted.

Average Tweet: “Ultimate Comics X #1 is out tomorrow. Read the EARLY REVIEW here> http://www.gregorsreview.com/2010/02/ultimate-comics-x-1.html

Above Average Tweet: “@blaquesaber NO. I do not get comped by any publishers for any of my reviews. Why else would I be so damned honest =o)

Ah, now that’s a reviewer I can respect.

Geeks have come out of the closet to review comics.  Will they dish-dish-dish just like they do on celebrities?  Let’s hope.

Average Tweet: “zac ephron as peter parker? HAHAHAHHAHAH! AHAHHAHAHHAAH! HAHAHAHAHHAAHAH! HAHAHAHHAHHA! AHAHHAHAH! wait….really? balls.

Above Average Tweet: “what’s really on my mind is, when did jean-marie develop a corporate bitch personality? not that i mind…

Pretty funny stuff.  It’s even funnier if you mentally add the word “Meee-ow!” at the end of every tweet.

Up in Canada, there is a show called the Comic Book Syndicate.   They are approaching their 50th episode and just go their new website up.  Let’s see it they are up on tweeting.

Above Average Tweet: “Harrison Ford Indy 5!!! http://bit.ly/4CMHA8 If it happens, We’re gonna see it!

Average Tweet: “Looking for guests for Season 4 of the Comic Book Syndicate, are there industry pros in the area who you can suggest???

Get down to the States, Comic Book bros.  One visit to San Diego ought to wrap up your interviews for a good solid year.  That’s what I used to do on my old TV show.   Most of the tweets are promos for the site, which has all the episodes.  The show also starts with a comic book comedy sketch.  (Hey, we used to do that too!)  It’s not bad.  Filmed in front of a live audience (nice!) and they mentioned Scud: The Disposable Assassin (another comic we pimped hard on the show).  These guys are on my wave length, check ’em out.

A Howard the Duck avatar?  You guys had me at “She took my eggs“.  Comic Book Movies is nice and specific slice of fanboyism.  Let’s see what they tweet.

Average Tweet: “Five tips for rebooting Spider-Man http://blogs.amctv.com/scifi-scanner/2010/01/spider-man-reboot-tips.php Tell me yours!

(Totally agree with you btw.)

Above Average Tweet: “The New Yorker seems to think it is ten years ago, painting all Neil Gaiman fans as goth cliches. http://bit.ly/98MLot

Right on, bro!  Yeah, but what do you expect?  Those guys wouldn’t know Iron Man from Iron Fist.  Again, another promo tweet, but at least we get a little more of a taste.

Not an official one or anything, but comicbookguy411 is amusing, if only to imagine the real voice actor doing the voice.  I think it’s kind of fun to see how close he can get to the attitude and how long before he finally just tires of it.

Average Tweet: “@Bigairjonas i am. disney could ruin my favorites, and put in crap like hannah montana!

Above Average Tweet: “@Steviebreech i do not speak idiot american

Not bad.  The problem is that Comic Book Guy tends to be very verbose and negative and most of this is reaction instead of action.  Keep at it, fanboy.  You’ll get the hang of it.

Comic Book Jones is a comic book store in Staten Island, NY.   Clearly, if you work at a comic book store, you have a lot of time to tweet except on Wednesdays.

Average Tweet: “OK brace yourself…Today’s secret sale is BUY ONE GET ONE FREE COMICS!!!! That goes for the wall and the back issue bin! Mention this

Above Average ReTweet: “I’m really surprised that no one from the Jersey Shore cast is tweeting about the passing of Howard Zinn or J.D. Salinger.

Ha!  Comic book incentive to read your twitter?  Nice, fellas.  Good move.  Plus, look who they are friends with: “@Ravengregory Happpyyyy bIRTHDAY!”  Of course, who doesn’t know Raven Gregory?  Well, any friend of Raven’s is a friend of the site and shouldn’t be left alone with the hotel mini bar key I always say.

Comicbooksin140 gets a special mention because it’s JUST twittering about comics.   That’s the whole point.

Average Tweet: “Really enjoying this GROOM LAKE series. I wish HBO or Showtime would option it for a series.

Above Average Tweet: “Herogasm, the spinoff from the Boys, is one twisted adventure. Crisis/SecretWar events are a sham. It’s when Heroes & Villains have an orgy.

Gutsy, opinionated, funny.  This is 140 characters you can use on your way into the comic book store.  (My God, my attention span is completely—  Wait, what was I typing?)

Comicbookpitt is out of Pittsburgh and is a podcast.

Average Tweet: “ CBP #34 is up and is full of comic book love: http://comicbookpitt.podbean.com

Above Average Tweet: “Found one last copy of Chew #1 on the shelf today behind a Chucky comic. Don’t know if it was by accident or design, either way, I win!

That is a tasty find, my friend, as I enjoyed that issues greatly.  Again, fanboys think alike, but again, it’s mostly promo on the tweet.  The real stuff is in the podcast.  They are rapidly approaching their 200th show.  I dig the name.

If you talk about Jack Kirby like he’s still alive, then you might want to check out these old school fanboys at Comic Book Brain.  It’s kind of like the Comics Journal, only (thankfully) with a lot less ‘tude.

Average Tweet: “An Alex Toth page from 1972, Star Spangled War Stories http://www.comicbookbrain.com/large-alex-toth-white-devil-yellow-devil-page.php

(Alex Toth was the creator of Space Ghost.)

Above Average Tweet: “Elvis and Nixon http://www.comicbookbrain.com/elvis-and-nixon-together.php

If you can tell the different between the Golden Age and the Silver Age and if you know who Carl Barks is, you should probably follow this tweet.  Of course, if do know that stuff there’s a chance you still refuse to buy a computer.

This was just a smattering of the comic book twittering going on.  Most of its promo stuff.  Found a tweet for Marvel and Image, but not DC.  Again, all promo stuff.  Let’s get some more comments up there people!  (Like me, the media whore should talk.)

Okay, we can’t really rate these because it’s kind of a different standard than an individual.  Just subscribe.  Why not?  Twitter is free.  And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.