Hello, bros and welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  As always, we are examining the latest tweets, analyzing and comparing for reasons we don’t quite understand.  Today, another special treat, actor Robert Llewellyn who plays Kryten on the BBC series, Red Dwarf.  If you haven’t seen Red Dwarf, you’re really missing out.  The entire cast is very funny.  Let’s see if Robert tweets as well as he plays an android.

17 hours ago:  “RT @Ian_Stokoe: If u receive email with attachment ‘Susan Boyle Naked’ DO NOT OPEN It’s not a virus, it’s a picture of Susan Boyle naked!

Wow, I’m like three pages into his tweets and that’s for 17 hours!  You are already the king of Tweeters, Robert.  Must be all that android in you.  A better understanding of the machine and all.

17 hours ago:  “Sorry, that Susan Boyle joke just made me snicker like a teenage boy at the back of the class.

Yeah, that was funny.  Mean, but funny.

17 hours ago: “I only feel bad because she is a really easy target, but sometimes,… funny is just funny.

Yeah, I felt the same way making jokes about Rose Kennedy.

15 hours ago: “Chinook helicopter just flew over my house at, seriously, about 30 feet. Felt the building shake, could see the dudes in the front. Cool.

Oh, no!  Robert’s in Afghanistan!  Get out, Robert!  Get out!

15 hours ago: “Maybe there’s loads of them around, hope it’s not like ‘The Day After Tomorrow.’ Brrrr

Oh, no!  Robert’s about to meet Keanu Reeves!  Get out, Robert!  Get out!

15 hours ago: “I was in my nice warm office, the chopper looked like it was flying right at my window, tragically I even ducked, didn’t get a pic.

That’s some really poor flying or a really tall office.

15 hours ago: “And yes, they were Sea Kings in the movie, I know, but the whole ‘copter snow thing…. no… okay, moving on. :-)

Whew.  I was out of helicopter material too.

15 hours ago: “Jets use our church as a ‘waypoint’ Used to it now, but the first time, all tweet tweet country garden, sheep baa, then kawoooghghgh

Jeez, where did you build your town?  The middle of a runway?

15 hours ago: “When we made Scrapheap at Bramley military base (last 3 series) we used to have to wait while major chopper action took place. V V low then

That was a good show.  I think I only saw the America version, Junkyard Wars.  Were you on that one?  Probably not.  Good show though.  It almost makes up for you giving us Two and a Half Men.

15 hours ago: “We used to wave at them, and they did wave back, at least, I think they were waving. We had lots of military fun there.

What’s military fun?   Stuff like this?

12 hours ago: “While I remember (very hectic day) please post any questions you have for Jon Ronson (Men Who Stare at Goats) Graham Fellows and Rob Grant

For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, Robert hosts a show called Carpool where he interviews famous people in his car.  Patrick Stewart is in the latest one.  Pretty cool.  I’m with you on that whole driving in L.A. thing, Sir Patrick.

12 hours ago: “If all goes well and I can get to London, those are the 3 carpools I’m recording this week.

Ask Jon Ronson if he’ll play Ewan McGregor when they make a movie about his life.

12 hours ago: “Just to clarify, Rob Grant, the co-creator of a little known niche sci-fi comedy series called Red Dwarf. It is he.

Let’s see.  Ask him if there’s any plans for a movie or doing an American version of Red Dwarf.

8 hours ago: “Promise not to do this too often, but They Might Be Giants w/ Robin Goldwasser, http://bit.ly/Zw9u6 I want to use song for Gearless.

Don’t sweat it.  Giants are huge!  (So to speak.)

8 hours ago: “Gearless is the new series I am working on which will be about the coming electrification of the motor vehicle

We’ll you be hosting or playing the car?

7 hours ago: “Shouldn’t open my big fat gob about ‘Gearless’ but already making it. Yes, web only, broadcasters ‘don’t think there’s interest in subject.’

Really?  Make it a reality show and I’m sure they’d air it in the States.

7 hours ago: “I will launch the show proper as soon as I can

Good luck robot man!

6 hours ago: “Nice little run about. Fingers crossed they’ll actually make them http://bit.ly/7GayFQ

Electric cars?  I don’t know.  I’ve heard things about them.

Robert, you have so many tweets, I couldn’t do your twitter justice. You go cyberman! Let’s rate Robert’s Twitters. For Insanity, I have to give you a 10 (that’s a lot of tweetin’), for Style an 8 and Mustness a 9. That’s an overall score of 9. Nice!

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