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Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  This week we’re taking a look at a class of informational twitter accounts, ones that will help you in college.  It’s a new year, so it’s time to start off with information you need on campus.  Whether you’re in college or just wish you were, you’ll find some of these tweets enlightening.

collegevisit or Smart College Visit, is a site dedicated to pooling all the info from college so you can make a choice where to go.

Average tweet:  “Parents of twins, how do you plan your college visits? Comment to share your insight. http://bit.ly/61FOzX

Sounds like its more for mom and dad, but hey, you need some decoy links so your folks don’t find all that porn on your cue anyways.

Along the same lines is College_Degree, which is dedicated to talking about the right degree for you.

Average Tweet: “Do You Really Need a Business Degree? – CBS MoneyWatch.com (blog)

Well, no, but if you drink that much alcohol without going to college, people will have an intervention for you.  I have a Communications Degree and that and fifty cents will get you fifty cents.

Thinking about a career in journalism?  Check out thecollegepress or The College Press, a site dedicated to budding, young news folk.  You can learn all kinds of skills Fox News probably forgets every single day.  The site is just getting started, so get in on the ground floor now, potential Keith Olbermanns.

If you’re moving onto or back to campus, you might need DormRoomMovers.  These guys move and store your shit.

Typical Tweet: “Schools pulling the plug on Landlines…Who uses Landlines anyway? http://bit.ly/5Y5jwp

Could be handy to subscribe, especially if you have to get out of a bad bromance with your roommate.

Here’s a tweet that might come in handy, it’s call Dorm Drinks or dormdrinks.   Bottled drinks delivered right to your door.  Why stagger out into the cold and spill your current drink, when you can have a non-alcoholic mixer delivered right to you?  Sounds like a plan.

Average Tweet: “Water subscriptions – a 30 pack of water once a month for $30.00 total. Comes down to $0.25 per bottle. Find that in a vending machine…

If you’re in Austin, Texas, you might want to try some Kick Butt Coffee.  Or go down to their cafe and play in the open mic.

Typical Tweet: “Right Now! Acoustic Music – Doug Pegg – http://bit.ly/5DZ9w – At Kick Butt Coffee In The Triangle – Full Liquor Bar – Drink Specials

Oo, and booze too.  This way you can get jacked up on caffeine AND drunk.  Bonus.

At first, I thought this said “urine phone”.  Why would anyone want a phone made from pee, I thought.  But it turns out, this account is called Uriphone.   Uriphone keeps you up to date on new aps and stuff for your iphone.

Average Tweet: “Second-generation Blue Microphones Mikey announced, uses free app http://bit.ly/6I4GZJ

Perfect, now that you pissed away money on video card games and pocket porn, maybe you can get your folks to cover your phone bill this month.

CollegeCandy is for the ladies.   Think of it as the female version of Collegehumor (the link is to the right and below) only without pictures of a shirtless Brad Pitt.

Typical Tweet: “Much like santa, the tooth fairy and anti-cellulite cream, the G-spot is fake: http://tinyurl.com/yeqfjgv

See?  This site isn’t that sexist.  And speaking of sex…

If you have a burning desire to be in porn with your girlfriend (and possibly some of your bros and their girlfriends) or you just need something to spank to, you might want to check out daredorm_.  (Warning: NSFW)

Average Tweet: “Merry Christmas from Dare Dorm Babes! http://bit.ly/6iXKSf College Party!

This is going to destroy a whole generation of potential political candidates.  It’s like Double Dare, only everyone’s an adult and has sex with each other.

CollegeAffair is a magazine is a “Lifestyle mag written and created by, for, and about the thriving college community.”  I’m not sure what that means, but it probably will have hotchicks in it somewhere, so check it out.

Average Tweet: “Top 10 Signs You Go to ASU, sad but true..and hilarious! – http://shar.es/gp1I

With that title, I thought it would be about banging college coed’s behind your wife’s back.  When are they going to have the Top 10 Tips on THAT?

Want to avoid the Freshman 15?  Than check out DormRoomDiet.  It’ll teach you how to make something better than Raman Noodles and ordering pizza.

Average Tweet: “DRD tip of the day: skip desert and try a sweet dinner instead. baked acorn squash, mashed w coconut oil & stevia, plus a garden salad!

Yeah, I know, squash.  But how else are you going to bang a cheerleader?  Not with that beer gut, bro.  Oh, and speaking of beer.

The Hoperatives are on the case.  Case of better beer that is.

Typical Tweet: “New Hoperatives post: Check out Marty’s Hops & Vine in College Hill: http://bit.ly/5XVMDy

BeerConnoisseur Magazine is on the beer case too.  It’s a way to be snooty and drunk at the same time!

Average Tweet: “Does carrot cake beer sound interesting to anyone? Thoughts please! This is for the cask competition coming up… http://bit.ly/7Om9cF

Why, yes.  Yes it does.

linkNdrink sounds like the perfect thing to do while you’re on Twitter.  But it’s actually a constant Tweet of beer specials all over the country.  Narrow it down at their website.

Average Tweet: “KC Special of the Day: $7 sake bombs, $4.50 margs & cosmos, $3 Bud & Miller Light Drafts $4 Sam Adams Seasonals. http://tinyurl.com/y8nggl5

Honey!  Start the car!

TheWeedMon is a twitter account Mistah Shit totally follows.  Someone has to tell you the important facts of chronic and I wouldn’t trust Mistah Shit.  He’s usually baked out of his mind.  I’m sure this guy is very responsible.

Average Tweet: “Jesus Smoked Weed: Our Savior was a Pot Head – http://tinyurl.com/cnwzx9

My God it’s true!  It’s a good thing he was totally fucked up on the cross.

And this tweet is really for everyone.  It’s called materialitems and posts free stuff that people are giving away.  (C’mon, Karate Champ arcade game.  C’mon, Karate Champ arcade game!)

Average Tweet: “SF Bay Area- FREE Fax/Copier (millbrae): HP OfficeJet fax/copier. in front of door at: 1124 Millbrae Avenue, Mi… http://bit.ly/7KKV4m

I can’t play Karate Champ on that!

Okay, we can’t really rate these because it’s kind of a different standard than an individual.  Just subscribe.  Why not?  Twitter is free.  And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.