I am beginning to think that Clint Eastwood could make an interesting movie out of anything.  I am usually a cynic when it comes to almost anything and most times I find “inspirational” movies boring, sappy and lame.  But Eastwood makes the trials and tribulations of Nelson Mandela and the South African Rugby team intense and interesting.

I didn’t know much about the history of the team.  We all know about Nelson Mandela.  Behind the scenes, however, while patching together his country, he worked to patch together it’s spirit through the rugby team.

The racial divide in South Africa was huge at the time.  Eastwood shows Mandela offering the first olive branches to heal the rifts.   At first, everyone scoffs.  The white citizens are hated for the past and the black citizens are hated for what they might do in the future.  Mandela’s plan shapes up, in part, to use the Rugby team as a symbol of his country’s unity.  Damon, as the Rugby captain, is nice and understated.  Freeman is pretty much perfect as Mandela.  The script is tight, uplifting and inspiring, as corny as that sounds.

If you want to feel good after leaving a movie, go see Invictus.  It will leave you with almost the exact opposite feeling you get from seeing the Road.  I give in Invictus 9.5 keggers out of 10.