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Every Thursday, Super Frat lists individuals whose behaviors are so cool and righteous that they should be deemed “Full of Awesome”.

Hey bros.  Since it’s the holidays, I thought I’d paid tribute to those people who need to be singled out as not just awesome, but full of said adverb.  Behold!

–  First up, Judge Donna J. Carr.  She slapped down a cop for giving a speeding ticket based solely on how fast the cars sounded.  Thank you, your honor!  May your gavel continue to issue awesome justice.

– The Obama Administration finally did something right that didn’t cost us hundreds of billions, they recognized the Shinnecock Indians of Long Island so they can finally start building a casino.  Nice!  Can’t wait to play blackjack with a deal than sounds like Fran Drescher.  Awesome, O.

–Next up, the MEarth project has discovered a Super Earth only 40 light years away.  It’s got water and clouds and is six times bigger than Earth.  Don’t pack your bags yet, because the water is boiling on the surface, but still.  Your telescopes fill us with Awesome, MEarth!

–  To Asian, a boxer dog that took a bullet for his masters during a home invasion robbery.  Now that’s a best friend!  Fuck you, goldfish and adorable bunny.  This doggie has earned a treat full of awesome.

– And finally, to the most awesome people Kokomo, Indiana courthouse who, instead of arguing over a Nativity scene, decorated their courthouse with dinosaurs and the Lochness monster on advice of their attorney. I don’t know who this attorney is, but his name should be John Q. Bigballs Esq.  You are full of awesome!

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