sf-chris-avatar.jpg  with Chris Moreno

Every Thursday, Chris Moreno lists individuals whose behaviors are so deplorable that they should eat a dick.

— The two Iowa dupes who attempted a break-in wearing a disguise created by scribbling permanent marker all over their faces, should both eat a dick– and then have dicks drawn on their faces in Sharpie.

— The disgruntled Wilkes-Barre, PA man who took a car salesman on a high-speed test drive of his new van, and then torched the vehicle, should eat the devil’s flaming dick on wheels.

— Christopher Swiridowsky, the Rhode Island motorist who hit a man involved in an unrelated accident and drove over a mile with the victim lodged in his windshield should be driven for over a mile with a dick lodged in his face.

— MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer accidentally introduced Jesse Jackson as Rev. Al Sharpton on live TV!  For this, she should eat Jesse Jackson AND Al Sharpton’s respective dicks.  Maybe them she’ll be able to tell the two of them apart.

— And just to remind everyone, in case you all forgot, Eazy E can eat a big, fat dick.

Think someone needs to eat a dick? Email suggestions to dicketer@gmail.com or post in the message board.