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Every Thursday, Super Frat lists individuals whose behaviors have been so deplorable that they should eat a dick.

It’s Thursday.  And justice is a bag of dicks.

 –  A much belated “go eat a dick” to Benito Mussolini and the MI5 crew that recruited him for WW1.  How did that work out?  Enjoy your plate of historical dick.

To the House of Representatives, which seems to be just a long line of dick eaters on most days, who passed legislation 414-6 to allow state and local governments to ban investments in Iranian energy.  Which is kind of like giving your town a tiny bit of power to declare war on Iran.  Cause what most American companies need right now is to LOSE business.  And it’s just such a great idea to piss off Iran, right before diplomatic talks.  Enjoy your majority dick.

– To the douche that punched singer Leona Lewis in a book store.  Hey, buddy.  It is NOT okay to punch a girl.  And it’s especially not okay to punch someone that hot.  Enjoy an overpriced dick latte served amongst the books, which you don’t get to read for free.

–  To Death, who performs a necessary service on both days, but today took the life of the colorful Captain Lou Albano.   I met Lou once and he was a very cool guy.  Wrestling has lost one of the greats. Death, you should eat a corpse dick while getting a piledriver.  

– And finally, the guys that put a man in a coma in NYC.  If what the cops are saying are true, then eating a dick is probably your worst nightmare.

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