Bottom line, I’m not a hardcore Harry Potter fan and this movie is CLEARLY a Part I.  That makes it not so great, unless you’re just dying to catch up with all the folks at Hogwarts.  There’s a lot of clues, but precious little follow through in this movie.  It felt very much like an episode of the Harry Potter TV show and the whole ending is a downer, which may or may not be undone before the end.  I didn’t read the books.

That’s not to say it’s not entertaining, but we’ve seen it all before.  It’s beginning to look a little bit like Hogwart’s Creek  or 90210 Hogwarts as the cast is getting older and their romances are starting to become a part of the story.  But it just doesn’t feel that big.  Even the big reveal at the end is like, eh, so what?

But then again, it’s good to see Alan Rickman get work.  That guy is too good of an actor not to be in more movies.  Plus Emma Watson is of age and is pretty hot.  Okay, I give Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 4 keggers out of 10, but 6 if you’re a fan.  It’ll probably be better as part of a DVD collection.  The movie doesn’t really stand alone.