The Brothers Bloom is a film geek movie in that, it plays on stuff that is very, well, movie, not necessarily realistic.  The bros are born con artists from an early age.  Stephen is the Chechov and Norman Mailer of the scam, infusing drama and symbolism into each fake drama, while giving the mark his or hers money’s worth.  All along he’s trying to get his brother, Bloom, what he really wants which is true love.  For Stephen, it’s all about the con and trying to create the perfect one.

The brothers’ Asian sidekick is “Bang Bang” known for her penchant of blowing stuff up.  It’s kinda like having Tank Girl in the movie if she didn’t speak English.  Director Rian Johnson does a solid job of both directing and writing.  At some points, the movie threatens to be too smart for its own good, but ultimately it is still entertaining, even if it feels like it peeks somewhere in the middle.

Funny, but not hilarious, quirky but not too weird, full of twists, but not too many, the Brothers Bloom is a solid arthouse movie.  It’s probably a good thing it’s been out a while because it will probably get creamed now that the summer blockbusters are coming out.  But if you’re looking for something that won’t have a million explosions or let you catch your breath, check out the bros, bros.

I give the Brothers Bloom 7 keggers out of 10.  Worth seeing and definitely worth a rental or a viewing on cable.