Bros, if you’re wondering why the site sometimes doesn’t get updated on time, for the past month or so you can blame it on the video game, Fallout 3.

This game just sucks you in.  The world immerses you in a post-apocalyptic, alternative history world.  The United States invaded Canada and annexed.  Later, in a war with the Chinese, the world is devastated.  The game takes place around Washington D.C.  The look of the technology is circa 1950’s, as if Eisenhower era scientist with better technology designed everything.

The graphics are unbelievable and part of the game is scavenging for equipment.  Look carefully, because sometimes you can miss the tiny “Stimpacks” needed for healing.  The game also borrows from every post-apocalyptic game you can think of: Mad Max, Waterworld, Escape from L.A.—  Only this game is way better than those movies.  Note to the gamers out there, take the “Bloody Mess” perk if you like to see heads explode.

The game begins at your character’s birth, takes you through his life and then his life in the Wasteland.  One of the great details is that you can either be good or evil.  Characters have different responses and there are different results depending on what you do, what kind of character you are and what happens.  There are some limitations and the controls are a bit clunky at first.  However, with over 150 locations, you’re gonna get a sick load of mileage out of this game.

Fallout 3 is for the PC, PS3 and Xbox.  I’m playing it on Xbox and there’s some downloads that sound pretty cool too.  Fans of the old pen and paper RPG Gamma World will absolutely flip for this game, because it’s almost just like that, only better.  I would give Fallout 3 10 keggers out of 10, but I have to get back to my game of Fallout 3.  See you in a couple of months, bros!