Remember the 80’s?  Well, according to writer Bret Easton Ellis, it’s pretty much nothing but cocaine, sex, AIDS, bad hair, bad music, over indulgence, Ronald Reagan, greed and people who are just empty, empty vessels.  What do you expect from the guy that wrote American Psycho?

Set in mid-80’s, The Informers follows a group of characters that are, for the most part, horribly empty people. Graham is a rich kid that deals drugs and has orgies with anything good looking with a pulse.  His buddy, Martin is even worse and his girlfriend Christie is even more a sex fiend.   The story also drifts around and follows an 80’s rock star that’s a pedophile and trying to get to see his kid from his divorcing wife.  And it follows a doorman, who gets caught up in his uncles criminality.  Plus Kim Bassinger and Billy Bob Thorton play a couple that divorced and is trying to get back together, but really isn’t.

The movie just meanders everywhere, but there are some highlights.  The fake 80’s band sounds really cool.  The subplot with the doorman, played by the late Brad Renfro, is really good.   But the screenplay, written by Ellis and Nicholas Jarecki is empty of message other than “the 80’s were an empty decade”.  There’s really no explanation of why and people smoking on planes and restaurants and doing coke off of bare breasts really isn’t a substitute for a story.

But Amber Head is all KINDS of naked in this movie and she is hot, bros.  Totally, fuckin’ smokin’.  But even her amazing tits can’t save this movie.  Not even her bush, which sadly doesn’t appear, can save it.  Director Gregor Jordan just can’t seem to pull the stories together in any kind of meaningful way.  The whole movie seems built around the final shot, which kind of beats you over the head with 80’s and its emptiness.  We get it!  It will leave you wondering things like, “Why don’t these people go to a doctor?”,  “Why don’t they just get a divorce?”, “Why doesn’t she just say no?”, “Why doesn’t he just leave?”  It’s a shame Brad Renfro is dead, he really is a standout in this not so standout movie.

I give The Informers 3 keggers out of 10.  Amber Head’s tits gets a 10 out of 10 though.