sf-chris-avatar.jpg with Chris Moreno

Every Thursday, Chris Moreno lists individuals whose behaviors have been so deplorable that they should eat a dick.

—  Jerome Kenneth Kingzio, the man who peed on a fellow passenger on a flight to Hawaii, should eat a piss-dipped dick with pineapple.

— OMG WTF– The Texas bus driver who crashed his bus because he was texting should have a big ol’ Texas-style, BBQ-ed dick crashed right into his mouth. LOL.

— The doctor who used veterinary equipment to perform breast and buttock implant surgeries out of his home should have to eat a dirty dog’s dick. The people who allowed a guy to perform breast implant surgeries in his kitchen in the company of his three dogs, cat and parrot should all eat a little dick, too. I mean, duh.

— Speaking of cosmetic surgery, Rev. William Blasingame, the NY pastor accused of stealing over $84,000 from his parish to pay for Botox injections and prescription drugs, needs a hot beef injection to the face.

— The two Spaniards who were arrested when they accidentally sent 21 ounces of hashish to the wrong address, they should each eat a… Well, they’re going to prison, so they’re bound to be eating a fair share of dick anyway…

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