Hello Bros!


Chris Moreno is on a intercontinental safari for the next couple of “Who Should Eat a Dick?” columns, so yours truly is pitching in.

Every Thursday, Chris Moreno lists individuals whose behaviors have been so deplorable that they should eat a dick.

–  To the Bush Administration’s lawyers that wrote the torture memos, the CIA that performed the torture, George W. Bush and everyone in in the chain of command.  You should all be thrown into a cell, exposed to varying temperatures, waterboarded and then have bugs dropped on you in a confined space.  All while eating a dick.

– To the Obama Administration for announcing that we all should just “look forward and not look back” on that whole torture thing.   You should all eat a plate of dicks and then forget about it, because, you know, why dwell on your dick eating?

Casa Robles High School District who fired a cheerleader coach because she posed for Playboy, even though she told them ahead of time.  The administrators should make a human pyramid, do a cheer and then eat a dick, you spineless haters of tasteful nudity.

– Fox News, why there are so many reasons, but this week you jumped aboard the Tax Tea Parties, and destroyed any sense of the protestors’ credibility.  (Where were all you a-holes when George W. Bush was pissing away our money?)  You unbelievable bunch of propaganda hypocrites should get teabagged and then look up at eat that dick.

– And finally, to the Mexican gangsters that seem completely out of control south of the border.  Your crimes include kidnapping American kids on vacation. You should be snatched off the street of Tijuana and force-fed a fatty, stuffed with meaty dick.

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