Let’s be honest, most 3-D movies are a joke in the story department.   Most of the films are excuses to throw pick axes and spears into the audience’s face every ten minutes, but not Coraline.

Based on the novella by the great Neil Gaiman,  (a really nice guy, by the way, interviewed him years ago for my old TV show, the Comic Book Show) Coraline is a little girl whose parents have just moved to a creepy new house.  Her parents are too busy with work to pay attention to her, so Coraline feels neglected.  While exploring the house, she discovers a little weird door.  Normally, the door is bricked up, but at certain times the door is a passage to an alternate reality.  Inside this alternate world, her parents are great people and lots of fun.

But the creepy thing is, everyone in the alternate universe has buttons for eyes.

Eventually, the fun universe is revealed to be something very sinister and Coraline must escape.

The best part of this movie is that the universe on which it is founded is rock solid.  There are rules to this world and Gaiman and director, Henry Selick, stick to them.  The characters are memorable and they are played at the height of their intelligence.  It’s kind of like a horror movie that everyone can enjoy.  (I mean that in the good way, not the family-film, sappy ending way.)

If you’re looking for something intelligent to take your kids to, bros, take ’em to this.  I give this movie 9 keggers out of 10.